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Barefoot and Hypnotic

I love barefoot women. I have had an affection for a beautiful foot since I was a young man. When I was about 13 I used to run errands for an older neighbor who lived across the hall. I would get her newspaper or cigarettes and bring them to her. I figured out years later that she was about 45 then although I thought of her as older. Anyway she was always barefoot and she had, I thought, the most beautiful feet.
Women didn鈥檛 display their feet as much 60 years ago, so it was quite exciting every time I saw her. I would go there whenever possible and it from this experience that I developed a foot fetish that I have to this day.
onewithshoes22-25, F
I can relate as I've always felt the same kind of attraction to barefoot boys.馃懀
I don't go barefoot myself though.
BarefootedBoy56-60, M
@onewithshoes Wish more women thought like you do!
@Wildedreamer a bit risky running bare feet in the street if you stood on something sharp and it lodged in your foot
Cant be barefoot very often.
Wildedreamer70-79, M
@msros oh鈥 why not
Paladin56-60, M

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