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Update on my life lol

So October 19th just two months after we found out my aunt had cancer she passed away馃槶 .. early December my husband and I got in a very bad fight and he ended up putting his hands on me . I took our kids and left him, we stayed w my mom until early January when I had to leave there . My mom is NOT an easy person to live with & we fought a lot while staying with her . (Side note she鈥檚 the type of parent that thinks parenting is done once u turn 18 , both me and my sis got kicked out of the house as soon as we were 18 so she was not happy when I asked if I could come back home temporarily 馃檮) after leaving my mothers house I stayed w a friend for awhile and contemplated on killing myself quite a bit. now we鈥檙e back with my husband bc we had nowhere else to go 馃 but we鈥檙e getting along ok I guess . If I鈥檝e talked to you before I told you how much we fight and how mean he sometimes was to me .. this was the first time he ever put his hands on me and it scared me
I鈥檓 on meds now for depression and doing a lot better .
my girls turned 1 on January 10th & 3 on February 11th 馃挄
My advice would be to find a shelter. They can help you find the services from there for you and your daughters
@Bexsy you should never ever trust services where you let random ppl handle ppl that are your family.
@PurplePumpkin i meant help with finding housing and job etc
Don鈥檛 let that man put his hands on you again! Have him locked up! Take out restraining order and kick him out of his own house!
AndysAttic56-60, M
I hope things get better for you. I am not sure where you live but most countries have support for women who find themselves in abusive relationships...Your GP will be able to help and nobody would need to know that you were seeking kelp.
Strict4u56-60, M
I hope things get better if he puts his hands on you or threatens to you should get a protection order against him good luck
AwesomeRo36-40, F
No one can touch a woman I really agree to that and they should be punished for it but I m sure something you must have done to aggregate the issue think about that change that and u should be fine if u feel ure always right then u have deal with a lot in life.Relationships means sacrificing for one another understand the temperaments made by each other ups and downs do come.No one is perfect in life we have to learn to deal with the imperfections.
Well said and totally agree!.... Except neither male nor female should be touching/abusing the other.... same goes for punishment... goes both ways. .. @AwesomeRo
If he puts his hands on you he should be your ex husband its simple as that
Quetzalcoatlus46-50, M
Have you looked into therapy? They can give you some good tools for setting boundaries
MelNicole22-25, F
@Quetzalcoatlus yes my dr suggested it for my depression & im looking into it, thank you 馃馃徎
@MelNicole Your husband should also be in therapy.
OldBrit56-60, M
Very sorry and sad to read this. I hope things get better for you
I hope it will work out fine.
nicedave41-45, M
Oh wow thats hard hun big hugs
Notanymore36-40, M
Good luck making it work
Morrowind26-30, M
Well personally, I know it鈥檚 not easy but with kids involved, I鈥檇 advise you to get away from him. Not saying ppl can鈥檛 change but they don鈥檛 change without help and time. You don鈥檛 want him to hurt your kids or subject your kids to watching him hurt you.
Starcrossed41-45, F
If he does it again you need to press charges and get a dvro. The abuser needs to be the one to leave, not the safe parent and the children.
basilfawlty8931-35, M
I'm sorry, it's a horrible situation, but you need to get away from your husband as soon as possible. Are there any women's shelters?
MelNicole22-25, F
@basilfawlty89 there are some downtown
NinaTina26-30, F
@basilfawlty89 i said the same thing
NinaTina26-30, F
You can go to a womans shelter threy will help u with a new place a job and get him out your life where he can't find you
pdockal56-60, M
Take care 馃
if he did it once, he will do it again. leave.

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