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Do you have it easy?

Lil bit
I wish
Life is a mother ....
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What is the secret to a good life? Just when I think I'm ahead, something comes along and hits me two steps back. Life .... isn't easy. 馃槄馃馃槀馃槩馃槳馃檪馃槶 #fml
OldBrit56-60, M
I've been privileged throughout my life. Just by being born where I was in the world gave me free good education, free good health care etc

I was however for years dissatisfied and felt ingratitude.

Then I learnt acceptance is the best way to happiness and to look for gratitude where I can every day. I'm not in Ukraine under attack, on the sea in a dinghy trying to get to a better life, I have food, somewhere to live and people who love me. What else could I need? I used to then tell you this, that, the other etc. But really I don't need them at all to be happy.

Good luck
JustNik46-50, F
I鈥檝e always had it easy. I鈥檝e never gone without basic necessities and have always lived in a place where, if I tried hard enough, I could find a way to improve myself and my circumstances. I don鈥檛 think life is ever easy in the context of not requiring effort, but compared to so many places where the struggle to simply survive in the most basic terms squeezes out the hope of anything more, I have to feel the ease of my life.
Today ... YES.

But it wasn't always this way.

I think the big change came for me when I was able (fortunate enough) to pay off the vast majority of my debt. IE: it was extremely stressful to have to service ($$) debt every month and once I added up how much interest I was paying every month to maintain a lifestyle I had become accustomed to ..... I knew I had to get rid of those interest payments. So I started throwing a lot more money at my debt every month .... worked a lot of overtime, refinanced the house at a much lower interest rate and took out a bunch of equity cash to pay off as much other debt as possible, then raided my retirement account to kill of the rest of accounts and cards with higher interest rates.

After all that I only owed on the house and I made a vow to myself to never pay any other interest.

It has worked so far (>10 years) and my life is much easier knowing that I don't have all that debt hanging over my head every month.
Penny46-50, F
appreciate what you have and dont compare yourself to other people. look at the bright side and try your best to stay optimistic. stay curious, be creative if you are so inclined and dont give up so easily on things
What comes easy won't last:

No of course I do not have it easy in life..[/c][/b] [c=4C0073][b]some days are harder than others..I think Thursday might not be great though! 馃槱馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔廩/b][/c]
Torsten36-40, M
hmm I dont know about easy. I grew up very poor and when moved to another country I seen my parents work their asses off to better things for me and my siblings. I think that is the greatest thing i took from my parents and that is working hard and not expecting handouts. If you want a good life, you work for it.
I work 2 jobs and have my own small growing business and out of that i have a very comfortable life now and have much comfort in knowing i am providing for my child and hopefully he will take what i did from my parents and pass that down to his children when the time comes
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@Torsten Wise words.
Torsten36-40, M
@Nevaeh0081 thank you
dancingtongue80-89, M
Compared to where I started out with no indoor plumbing and no electricity? You betcha.
Recently buried my second partner, living alone, and have stage four prostate cancer, but have my own and a steady retirement income so compared to those living homeless in the streets? You betcha.
Getting there? Not always fun, and many a twist and turn. But it is the journey, not the destination. Enjoy it even when the ride becomes bumpy due to air turbulence.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@dancingtongue Strong. You've lived a good life. Your life. Wise.
ravenwind4346-50, F
Hell no, but my basic life needs are met. That is important. The rest is quite murky.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@ravenwind43 A good way to look at it.
Thomas5270-79, M
I have a roof over my head, people who love me, plenty of food, no need to collect water from a well in the heat everyday, not in a war zone, beautifully natural surroundings, better health care than many in the world and an income that meets my needs. Sometimes I have stresses, but I cope with help from others. I probably do have it easy.
jshm241-45, M
The secret is not to bother with just stuff and happiness, But to focus on contentment and quality.

You get trust fund fuckwits with millions, crying and getting depressed over the Ferrari waiting list. Then you get people crying over food bank waiting lists because they spent all their money on scratch cards.
Objectively I have it very easy and a lot of luck but I have huge mess in my head making everything much more difficult than it really is.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@CrazyMusicLover I think I can relate to that.
SlaveEt31-35, F
For me it was finding the right partners willing to go through life with me. It's easier when you have backup.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@SlaveEt truth
CarolinaCrushDaddy51-55, M
way easier now than before......... worked 60 hrs a week for 25 years or so. thankfully, now i can get by on 30 hrs a week.
A bit rough but I'm trying to learn to navigate through..
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@LRain fighting 馃挭
Yeah 鈽猴笍@Nevaeh0081
I have had my hardships but I think it's still an easy life.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@NotSureAboutMyUserName Humble words. Respect.
Work hard it will come it has for me life could not be better
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
You won't get a raise if you say you have it easy? 馃
MonaMoona36-40, F
I do now I didn鈥檛 always had it easy
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@MonaMoona You must've worked hard for it. Kudos to you.
SarithBorn18-21, M
Easy no. but some have it much worse. 馃槆
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@SarithBorn Good answer.
SIMPlyLogical31-35, F
I never had it easy
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@SIMPlyLogical 馃馃馃馃馃馃
SIMPlyLogical31-35, F
@Nevaeh0081 thank you 馃 much needed today
ravenhillofKrull46-50, MVIP
far from easy.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@ravenhillofKrull sorry to hear that.
Capitalism in Murka is designed to be difficult and to waste our effort.
It's working.
I do by not comparing my life to others. It's tough but when I dont, I am content.
Nevaeh008136-40, F
@V00doo Very wise words.

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