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advice please. Im kinda losing my head

My partner and I have started our small business. We do delicious vegetarian food and so far we doing decent. I have severe social anxiety and i cannot work. Having this business helps me alot because i feel i am doing something to earn money plus i do what i love which is cooking. We decided that when we marry he will work and i will work from home doing catering. My partners mother has other ideas. She is furious with me working from home and keeps telling my partner i have to go to work . She is really stressing me out. I am so focused on this business and for the first time i feel i am something. She makes me feel so bad bcause in her mind a real woman works and pays bills and even tho i work so hard she doesn see it. She thinks i load of her son and thats nt the case. She is stressin me out alot. What do i do???
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F Best Comment
I am sorry she is adding so much stress to your life. It isn't right. I can only suggest that you sit down with her and tell her how you feel. Get everything in the open. Your partner needs to support you in this endeavour. To be there and to state that he stands beside you in this matter. You aren't asking him to choose between his mother and you. You are making it clear what you need. She doesn't have the right to try to impose her rights upon you. It is your business along with your partner's. That being said, you may have to severely limit contact with her. Make that clear to her also when you have that discussion. Good luck with your new business. It will be a success with the two of you each doing your parts. You sound a lot more mature than your future mother-in-law is. Good luck, girl.
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
[@525891,Clairessa09] Remember it is your life, girl. If you marry him, you are not married to her. Stand up for your rights. As long as you are happy and your partner is too, than no one has the right to interfere. She will continue to be a source of stress in your life so you will have to learn to deal with her. This might likely involve eliminating her from your life. Your partner will have to deal with whatever you decide. I hope it all works out. You sound like a fine young lady.
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@412752,PoetryNEmotion] Thank u 😇
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
[@525891,Clairessa09] You have the best answer. Just say it to her. :)

4meAndyou · F
I don't know where you live, so I don't know how your culture regards family issues like this one, however, I might suggest that you speak to your husband. Explain how horrible his mother's words and attitude make you feel, and ask him if he can arrange a meeting with a mental health counselor for the three of you together. Severe social anxiety is something a mental health counselor will understand, and he or she might be able to explain to your mother-in-law, (although she does sound like she is very stupid indeed) so that she is able to understand, and the counselor can also act as a mediator or referee so that the three of you can have an honest discussion.
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@387713,4meandyou] the last thing i want is to be labelled wid a mental illness and be taken more for a ride. I jus ignore her. Shes a pain even he knows that. He tells me to pay no attention to her at all and jus do wat im doin.
seeandhear · M
She’s obviously overlooking the fact that you’ll WORK from home! Catering is a business; a business environment isn’t limited to an office space downtown. It’s wherever the product is produced/delivered, the invoices created, monies collected, and taxes paid. That means your home can be your workplace.
She’s probably thinking you should be a secretary for a law firm which is fine but it’s not your calling.
The problem here is clearly her, and she sounds like she’ll never change. All you can ever do is show her by following through with your good ideas.
I wish you good luck.
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@485959,seeandhear] Thank you. She wants a professional daughter in law who works and has big bucks. This small farmers markt business is nt good enuf for her
revenant · F
doesn't she have a life to attend to and he needs to grow a spine too otherwise your problems with her will only get worse if she sees she has permission to intrude in your marriage.
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@476282,revenant] i know. I get upset wid him and tell him all the time cos he tells me to ignore her and jus let her be. But i feel so disrespected. I know she doesn like me even tho i made so much changes to her sons life. She wants a woman for her son who is a professional and got a nice car..i hav none of that but im a good woman and good at what i do wid food..but she wnts more..she pushes me and im so stressed..i always felt nt good enuf my whole life 😭been fightin depression and anxiety for like ever. I want a break from all this now
revenant · F
[@525891,Clairessa09] you and your husband need to get her out of your life 😡
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@476282,revenant] how? Oh and she also wants to decorate our house. Put tiles blah blah. She upset we paid so much for a house wen the toilets nt right.. we said we gna do it up..well nt good enuf for her. Im sick of it. Its our first home she wants it to be perfect and it is jus needs new toilets and tiles. I mean am i wrong to be upset? As for my sister in law..ignores me birthday wish no anniversary wish..ntn not once. I hav a broken family and to go into this. Im emotionally drained. Wat do i do???
FattyMcFatts · 46-50, M
Tell her to fuck off but in a nice way.
english · 56-60, M
morning Clairessa, your old man needs to stand up and tell is mum to back the fuck up and support you . mother in laws pain in ass always
Clairessa09 · 31-35
[@644861,english] he tells her time and time again . Shes jus a power hungry woman. She thinks im an embarassment. She wants a top professional daughter in law

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