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Is there really anti semitism in Saudi Arabia?🇸🇦🤔

I want to write an [b]honest[/b] answer about anti semitism in Saudi Arabia.
(From my own experience)

In general , the Saudi [b]people[/b] are kind , hospitable , and warm people . you as an immigrant or a tourist from any religious background would most likely have a very pleasant, safe and welcoming experience.

However , like every country , racist people unfortunately do exist.
There are different types of racism in Saudi Arabia:
1/ Saudi vs immigrant (this is common due to 40% of the population consisting of immigrants and citizens feeling threatened especially job-wise )
2/ black vs fair skin (not very common and not as dramatic as it is in USA Uk etc )
3/ non Bedouin vs Bedouin
4/ tribal racism.

[b]Now going back to the original question, are Saudis anti semitic ?[/b]

Law wise :
No, Jews can visit and work in Saudi. it is Israeli passport holders regardless of their religion and ethnicity that cannot enter the country .
Culturally and religiously:
No , Saudis should not be anti Semitic .
Politically :
Yes they are due to the Palestine vs Israel conflict.
However , [b]Some[/b] Saudis tend to shift their hate from being towards the Israeli government and onto the Jewish people as a whole and even those who are not from Israel which is the issue of concern.

For example, there is this song we used to sing growing up and a part of it goes like this :
“Falasteen bladna bladna
Wal yahood klabna klabna”

Which means something like : “Palestine is our land our land and the Jews are our dogs our dogs “
(This song is famous in other Arab countries too )

This song is very dangerous to teach children!
Because Judaism is a religion and an ethnic group.
Thankfully, my own family is educated and used to scold me whenever I’d sing it .
But a lot of my friends were not as fortunate and faced no consequences whenever they sang it .

(The vice versa exists , there are anti- Arabs among Jews specifically Israel citizens )

That’s it thanks for reading 🌸
There are always a few bad apples in any country. Can’t judge all Saudis because of a few bad ones. That goes for most places.
pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
@Moon3624 there is quite the trope on here that whenever someone doesn't agree with someone else, that their comment is therefore 'not relevant'. Doing literally anything and everything other than addressing the actual point seems to be the norm here. And anything you don't agree with is 'propaganda' that's pretty common too. People set up their way of thinking as to turn closing off to any other sort of opinion as somehow a virtue. There are plenty of things I agree with which I could also comfortably say were presented in a propagandized way, if they were.

And no, mentioning Islam in one post on a site that I've used for years does not equate to an obsession with Islam.
Of what we’ve seen over the past 20 years.
I’d say it’s the CIA in every country causing chaos. Sometimes they use religion as justification and drive.

99.9999999% of humans just wanna get along with life…
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Not really.
Israeli government [b]deserves[/b] the global criticism it is receiving .
I do not believe it is racist or anti semetic to criticize the Israeli government .
But I agree with the rest
@Moon3624 kinda the same guys on the same team yes?.

intell. really work for the elites yes?.

Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout I don’t get ur comment 😂
FragileHeart · 22-25, M
[quote]In general Saudis are welcoming of all people.[/quote]

So I could hold my boyfriends hand in public or kiss him?
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Actually people of the same gender hold hands in Saudi Arabia
Men in Saudi hold each other’s hands most of the time it’s pretty common
It is considered a friend gesture in the Middle East.
In the west when same sex hold hands theyr a couple
But in the Middle East theyr considered to be friends .
However kissing and that kind of sort then no
public display of affection (making out kissing etc ) for
lgtbq and straight couple alike is not allowed
Anything sexual should be behind doors
Be you a gay or straight couple .
Asmae · 31-35, F
حنا في المغرب عندنا تطبيع مع اسرائيل لمصالح مشتركة متعلقة بالسياسة و الأمن و الاقتصاد
و فئة اليهود المغاربة في اسرائيل هي أيضاً أحد نقاط التقارب
و لكن أغلبية الشعب ديالنا متضامن مع فلسطين من الناحية الإنسانية لأن هذا ما تربينا و كبرنا عليه
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
انظري الى الشرق الاوسط من اللحظة التي تأسست فيها اسرائيل

غزو العراق بدون سبب
الحرب الاهلية في سوريا
الحرب الاهلية في اليمن
حزب الله

صدفة؟ ولا خطة محكمة؟

يعني لما قطع الملك فيصل النفط من امريكا وكل حلفاء اسرائيل
رجع الامير مساعد
والي كان يدرس في [b]اميركا[/b]
وقتل عمه الملك فيصل

لا والله مو صدفة

لن يحبوننا ولا يحبوننا قطعا
هم كالاسود
اذا كانو ممتلئين تركوك للذئاب
واذا كانوا جائعين اكلوك اكلا
وبين تلك وتلك كالثعالب
التي تتربص بك لتقلي بك من كمين لآخر

طبعا نكره اسرائيل حكومتا وكيانا
ولكن ايضا خطأ
ان نبغض اليهود ونعتدي عليهم
-بشكل عام-
لان اليهود في الاساس ناس وديانة
مثلهم مثل النصارى

لكن والله ما استغرب اذا السعودية طبعت او اقامت هدنة مع اسرائيل بسبب ايران

لكن ان شاء الله لا

ماحب السياسية
ولكن لا اقول الا اللهم اهلك الظالمين بالظالمين واخرجنا من بينهم سالمين
yup its western propoganda
pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
@QueenOfQuirk Could you show an example of this propaganda?
jshm2 · 41-45, M
In other words,

Just as Argentines don't get on with Brazilians, English with Scots, Germans with Poles. Chinese with Japanese. etc etc.

There is mainly only worry about Israeli's and Saudi's
Rainandforest · 22-25, F
From what i know Semit is descendant of Nuh from Sam. Arabic people is also descendant of Sam, it's impossible for Saudi to be anti Semit
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Arabs are related to Jews in two ways :
1/ Arabs amongst other ethnic groups decedent from Sam just like the Jews
2/there are a lot of Arab tribes that decedent from Ishmael the son of Abraham .

So You are correct.
Arabs are Semitic people
And Arabic is a Semitic language
If we are being “literal “
But I meant anti Semitic
As in the mainstream understanding of it
Which is tied to the Jews .
TeirdalinFirefall · 26-30, M
Wasn't the problem sexism not racism there?
Can't quite recall.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Sexism is everywhere
Take a brief look at the English language :
“You throw like a girl “
“You are a pussy”

And no my post is not about sexism , it’s about racism which exists everywhere .
Have a good day
DallasCowboysFan · 61-69, M
There is anti semitism in Palestine....

pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
You asked a question and then answered your own question?
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Haha 😂
Yes, it is just a title .
It is my style
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
@pianoplayingsteve do you play overwatch 2?
pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
@Moon3624 I used to. It's fun, every now and again :)
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
My favorite stalker , hi again!
my post is not about religion .
But you surely [b]Love[/b] to push religion into everything
You are so [i]obsessed[/i] .
I cannot lie , I genuinely enjoy how much you are Intimidated by Islam 😂
It is a sweet sweet view.
It is the only reason that have stopped me from blocking u so far.
I have deleted ur irrelevant and toxic comments .
Anyways , I stated nothing but facts. Jews are legally allowed to visit and work in Saudi only Israeli passport holders regardless of their race and religion that cannot
So clearly it is a political matter .
Have a good day
Buddy don’t waste ur precious breath because any further comments like that from you , And I’ll delete them and block you .
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
This message was deleted by its author.
Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Your comment is so irrelevant that I couldn’t help but laugh😂😭
Anyways ,
This post is about Saudi not UAE.
And what does slavery gotta do with the topic of this post ?
Either way,
Slavery is abolished by law in UAE.
If you are talking about illegal activities then they happen everywhere including in your country.

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