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A ship belonging to a seafood company from Italy accidentally drops tons upon tons of live lobsters overboard off the coast of Maine. Upon hearing this news, a lobster-catcher from Maine down on his luck jumps on his boat to catch as many of the lobsters as he can and sell them before the Italian company can get them back.

As he doesn't know quite where the lobsters had fallen into the water, he casts his net out and tries to capture as many lobsters as he can. After a number of hours, he only manages to catch about a dozen lobsters. Frustrated and out of patience, the lobster-catcher cuts his losses and sails back to shore when suddenly he hears from his lobster cage a voice that says, "Sir! Please don't kill us! My pals and I have done nothing to you!"

Though shocked and confused, the lobster-catcher simply states he has been trying to catch lobster for hours. "I was trying to catch those lobsters from that Italian ship. I was told there were thousands of them, but you're all I got!"

"Sir!" cries the talking lobster, "I know exactly where those lobsters are! I'll take you to them and trick them into getting into your net! Just let me and my pals go!"

The lobster-catcher thinks for a moment and agrees. After following the lobster's directions to the destination, he ties the lobster to a string then throws the lobster in the water and waits. About 20 minutes later, the talking lobster comes back to the boat to the lobster-catcher.

"They're not getting in the net, they won't listen. They just yelled at me," the lobster tells the lobster-catcher.

"What did they say?" asks the lobster-catcher.

The lobster says, "How should I know? I don't speak Italian!"
ServantOfTheGoddess ยท 61-69, M
Great set-up but there's got to be a better punch line...

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