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Surprise ending made this a clever joke

Xi Jinping was on his balcony during the early morning, admiring all that Bejing has become he inhaled a sweet breath of fresh Bejing air and looked East to see the sun smiling down.

"Hello, Sun", said Xi Jinping.

The sun replied "Hello Glorious Leader, the architect of a grand Communist Utopia. Best wishes leading your already prosperous nation."

Xi Jinping, despite his delight, remembered he had an upcoming meeting to attend. He thanked the Sun and left.

As the day approached an end, an exhausted Xi Jinping returned to his office and reflected on the day. He strolled back onto his balcony and looked West towards a beautiful sunset. Hoping to fish more praise he said: "good evening, Sun."

The Sun candidly responded: "Sod off, I'm in the West now.

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