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The beauty of Islam


This old video is of a pakistani man teaching an Arab boy wearing a sindhi cap in America how to recite the Quran like a Burmese man who was an imam in medina . This is the diversity of Islam ,
Very beautiful馃挄
If you are wondering what is the boy reciting he is reciting chapter 35 of the Quran.

Here is a link to read the chapter in English :

鉂わ笍 Muslims are leaving their countries and coming to Jesus and immigrating to the Christian countries.

Jesus The Prince of Peace, who says love your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you, he took the worlds sin on his own shoulders and died for us so we can have forgiveness and enter heaven when he comes.

The Christian countries have been the happiest for 1000 years and God has blessed us so much. Our governments have been so caring, so now all the Muslim people and the catholic and the Buddist people are leaving their countries because they are poor and are not happy in their countries.

Everyone wants to live in the Christien countries. And they are bringing their fighting with them. Jesus is peaceful, Christian husbands love their wives, Christian countries love their citizens and treat them loving regardless of their sins. Because we are all sinners!

Peace, I give to you! Jesus is coming back to judge the living and the dead in our generation. Only those who have had their sins forgiven can enter heaven. Only one God visited us and took the world sins on his own shoulders. His name is Jesus, my Lord! May you find him! 馃
Amish22-25, M
@markansas Thank you Mark. You follow a very good philosophy in life. That's more important.
Please find my answers inline.
As in Christianity doesn鈥檛 support rape.
Absolutely not.

Can you say the same about Islam?

But also because it鈥檚 illogical to judge the validity of a religion based on politics and governments

Only if the politics and the governments are not run by religious ideas.
At this point I am starting to question if you understand me because I 鈥済enuinely鈥 feel you are not.

When I said 鈥 As in Christianity doesn鈥檛 support rape.鈥
I meant as in literally Christianity doesn鈥檛 support rape.
So why did you need to comment
鈥淎bsolutely not.鈥
I was not attacking your faith, I was actually defending it.
And Yes Islam is heavily against rape. It is one of the worst sins .
and if you want to debate
鈥 Islam vs Christianity鈥 on rape
I am more than happy to do it .

鈥 Only if the politics and the governments are not run by religious ideas.鈥

Lol no country today is run by Christian beliefs and ideas , All secular governments.
Governments are all about politics including 鈥淢uslim鈥 governments.

And those Muslim nations do not necessarily do everything right but also not everything wrong either . After all , Islam is perfect and Muslims are imperfect.
There were many times when Muslim empires surpassed Christian empires wether when it comes to education or something else and vice Versa
Ali 'Imran - Verse 140
If a wound should touch you - there has already touched the [opposing] people a wound similar to it. And these days [of varying conditions] We alternate among the people so that Allah may make evident those who believe}

There are many Christian majority countries today that are in the gutter be it socially or economically etc
Today or in the past .
nations situations have always fluctuated throughout history .
Some empires / countries even ceased to exist .
You should debate the religion based on scripture .
Matt8536-40, M
My friend used to get beaten with a rug beater thing at Mosque if he was chatting when he was supposed to be reading.
That is unfortunate to hear.
As Prophet Mohammed never hit a woman a child or anyone .

鈥淭he Messenger of Allah (may Allah鈥檚 peace and blessings be upon him) never struck anything with his hand, neither a woman nor a servant
鈥 sahih Muslim.

Furthermore , When allah mentioned 鈥渢eaching the Quran 鈥 in the Quran he related it to his name the merciful.
The Most Merciful
Taught the Qur'an}

Have a good day matt
i try to never step into your post to argue .. however if ya say its ok.. i will .. and i will not be nice.. mark
[media=https://youtu.be/yZDSYqD5JJg]This Dua is for Enemies, Tyrant Bully And Evil People Insha Allah
MartinTheFirst26-30, M
@markansas "Destroy Enemies" how typical 馃ぃ
@MartinTheFirst you did not listen to it.. it was a prayer for protection from tyrant bullies and evil people..
oh lord . help me against the people who make mischief.. which is what you are doing.. right now.. that is not a christian way either. mark ..
no response is needed or will be replied too..
PhilDeep51-55, M
I guess it's touching that you have such faith in humanity that you share the love of your faith so openly in this forum, which isn't exactly known for its morals or values, bless you.
Amish22-25, M
Thanks for sharing. I read the chapter 35 and I have few questions.

All authority belongs to Him. But those 斯idols撕 you invoke besides Him do not possess even the skin of a date stone.
If you call upon them, they cannot hear your calls. And if they were to hear, they could not respond to you. On the Day of Judgment they will disown your worship 斯of them撕. And no one can inform you 斯O Prophet撕 like the All-Knowledgeable.

In this verses Idol worship is being discussed and is mentioned as wrong. I have to let you know that this is a spiritual practice for many people including mine. The reason mentioned in the chapter is that Idols cannot hear and respond. Can't this just be a wrong assumption? Idols are a symbolic means to focus and connect with God. Few are are comfortable with this and few connect directly in their mind.

Why should it matter to any God if people follow different means of connection as long as goodness is prevailed?
Amish22-25, M
@Islamreligion Thank you ma'am. I have to admit that I couldn't subscribe to everything that you have said. It could well be because of an attempt from my side to try and defend what is already been taught by my culture. But I respect your views because in your reply I could find respect for my feelings. I am not known to be very nice and I had arguments with many people here particularly Christians. I felt like they were disresprecting my beliefs and it hurted my ego and I tried to reciprocate. Possibly it could be because either I was unable to comprehend their views or they were too pushy. Whatever it is it was not helping me in anyways except building negativity in my mind. Let me clear those negative thoughts from my mind and focus on this post alone.

I must admit that your answers had infact challenged my thinking. I had mentioned about the theme of symbolic representation but that is just theory that I made up in my mind as a defence to something that challenge my belief and not taken from any of our scriptures. So honestly I don't have an exact answer to your pointed question.
I am interested to know more though if it doesn't trouble you much.

I never heard about Pagan Arabs making Idols of dates before. Were they part of the eastern philosophical background?
You mentioned about the commandments of God that prohibit Idol worship. Are they same as the ones that Christians follow ?
Also are these commandments specific to any region or time. Or they apply universally. Could it be just that the prophet was more concerned about worshipping something symbolically and at the same time eating it when hungry thereby disrespecting God?
You too have a very good day.

1/ In the first part , you mentioned disrespectful Christians and I get your pain Amish. Most of those who attack my posts on here are from a Christian background.
But I think that is mainly because a lot of those who use this site are Christian and not necessarily that Christians tend to be 鈥渕ore 鈥 disrespectful. I have met many many disrespectful Hindus Muslims etc鈥
You see such people from each faith unfortunately. People who follow a certain faith are not always a good reflection of it . many are a horrible reflection of it.
That is why God says in the Quran the following :
Al-An'am - Verse 108
And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. }

Because if I insult your God/religion
You will (most likely ) either insult mine back or be pushed away And that might cause you to push the truth (Islam) away before even learning about it.

That is why God also says in the Quran :
An-Nahl - Verse 125
{ invite to the way of your lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.}
2: In the second part you said

鈥 I never heard about Pagan Arabs making Idols of dates before. Were they part of the eastern philosophical background? 鈥

Arab paganism is very broad. They worshipped many idols. Almost every family /tribe had their own Idol.
But some of the famous ones were
鈥淎l-lat 鈥 and 鈥淎l uzza鈥
(You can look them up )
And no , in the big picture
they erre not made of dates but minor ones were.

Ironically , most of the Arab idols were 鈥淕oddess鈥
Aka female God.
Although the pagan Arabs hated and degraded the women
So the Quran pointe at their faulty logic :
An-Nahl - Verse 57
And they attribute to Allah daughters - exalted is He - and for them is what they desire.}

Here God (God in Islam is not a female or a male. 鈥淗e 鈥 in Arabic is also used for the genderless ) is saying :
So you make female idols and worship /exalt but you hate your own daughters just because theyr female and prefer sons ? What kind of logic is that ?

And the verses continue :

An-Nahl - Verse 58
And when one of them is informed of [the birth of] a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief.
He hides himself from the people because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation or bury it in the ground? Unquestionably, evil is what they decide.}

God ends the verse with 鈥渆vil is what they decide 鈥
Meaning , that daughters are a blessing and that their judgment is evil .

鈥淵ou mentioned about the commandments of God that prohibit Idol worship. Are they same as the ones that Christians follow ? 鈥

We Muslims believe that god sent thousands of prophets throughout time.
All with the same basic message
鈥淭o worship the one true God alone and follow the prophet of your time 鈥
And Mohammed is only the last prophet.
But people throughout history
Deviated from that path
Jews who turned their religion into an ethnic religion and denied Jesus and Mohammed
Christians who went astray and started to worship Jesus and the spirit besides God
And crested the whole Trinity
Pagans who started to worship idols
Who don鈥檛 benefit nor harm them and crave them with their hand and a lot of religions stemmed from it
And so on鈥..
jf you analyze you will notice that
Hinduism , Judaism , Christianity, Sikhism
They are all named after a person or an event or a land
But 鈥淚slam鈥
Means 鈥渟ubmission to the one and true God鈥
It鈥檚 not named after any person or a land.
Hence we believe by 鈥渄efinition 鈥
Jesus moses Noah etc were all Muslims.
Amish22-25, M
@Islamreligion I totally agree with you on " People who follow a certain faith are not always a good reflection of it "
On your comment, " But I think that is mainly because a lot of those who use this site are Christian and not necessarily that Christians tend to be 鈥渕ore 鈥 disrespectful." , I wish I could think like you. You definitely taught me a lesson of humility and being non-judgmental. Thank you. Only purest of mind can think like that. Often people, including me, tend to find fault in others. Your statement taught me that finding goodness in someone is what really matters (tough) and not finding fault in others (easy).

"Al-lat 鈥 and 鈥淎l uzza" , I searched for them and I could find that Al-lat, Al uzza, and Mannat were 3 daughters of Allah. This is the first time I am hearing these stories. I couldn't find any reference to date Idols though. But it is ok. I got the essence of the message and it is that Idol worship is against the likes of Allah or God.
In this regard, I would request you to share some more stories or messages that will explain why Idol worship is wrong. It might be a simple concept but because of my cultural orientation I am not able to comprehend this message completely.

"God in Islam is not a female or a male. 鈥淗e 鈥 in Arabic is also used for the genderless" - This is a new info for me and I feel this is quite an inspiring message for humanity. In almost all other religions, the maleness is celebrated where as in Islam equality of the gender is maintained. That is a respectful aspect.
I would be interested to read more about Islam and Quran. But I would not be in a position to have a copy or pdf due to various reasons. Would you be able to share some materials or passages in incremental order where I can learn from scratch?

Regarding "They are all named after a person or an event or a land", as far as my understanding is correct, I agree to your statement about Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism etc. But Hinduism is not named after any land or person. It is said to be the oldest religion and was earlier known as Sanatana Dharma. Is this the basis for your statement "Jesus moses Noah etc were all Muslims." ?
But since Islam is not the only religion which is not derived out of person or land, can we still say that Jesus, Moses, Noah etc were Muslims?
If yes, Could you give references for this please?

Every year on the third Sunday in January, people from all cultures and backgrounds come together World Religion Day. The day celebrates the commonality of the major faiths of the world.
It may surprise you to know that there are over 4,000 recognized religions in the world. These religions consist of churches, congregations, faith groups, tribes, cultures, and movements. Even though there are so many, three-quarters of the world鈥檚 population practice one of the five major religions. These include:

most religions have their own version of the 鈥淕olden Rule.鈥 This is the belief that it is good to treat others as you want to be treated. Along with finding common ground, this day seeks to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony.
Max4126-30, M
@markansas This is a fraud day . It should be celebrated on Wednesday .
The 27-year-old man who gave up his shoes was tracked down by Canada's QMI Agency but declined to be identified, stating that according to his Islamic faith charitable acts should be anonymous. He revealed: 鈥淚 felt bad for the guy. He was wearing plastic hairnets on his feet.
[media=https://youtu.be/VF0cILu2fjg]A Muslim man gave a barefoot stranger his shoes then walked home
[media=https://youtu.be/eq1mTa-nZD8]The Story of Jesus (Eesa, peace be upon him) - Mufti Menk
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
@markansas I鈥檓 not Jewish but have looked up the Hebrew word
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
@Islamreligion great share鈥 I deeply agree鈥 I use the name鈥 Yeshua鈥 in English being 鈥 Joshua. Jeshua.

The Ish鈥 sound. I am following is important it is found in many cultures.

seeing the correlation with 鈥 eesh鈥.or even Esu鈥. Of the Yoruba culture鈥 the energies are very similar鈥

The God of the Crossroads or Inner Man.
Amish22-25, M
@markansas Thanks for sharing this.
Max4126-30, M
The beauty of islam is shown by saudis .
I know Jesus loves me because he is my prophet. All Muslims know that Jesus loves them and we love him back. We also love Mohammed moses etc and know they love us back.
As for

鈥 people are being killed in Saudi by beheading simply for leaving Islam and accepting Jesus as their lord and Saviour鈥

a lot of muslim majority countries have freedom of religion and have Christians as citizens too .
As for Saudi Arabia , you need to be a Muslim to be a citizen however, non Muslim non saudis are more then welcome to visit or even work in saudi .
Plus ,
I have never heard of someone actually getting killed in saudi for specifically being Christian .
Moreover ,
my post is not about Saudi Arabia
So what does Saudi Arabia got to do with me?
It鈥檚 like I go to you and talk about the crusaders who have a long history of enforcing Christianity by the sword
TheWildEcho56-60, M
@Islamreligion why mention an event that happened years ago and not accept what is happening now with Christians facing horrendous persecution in muslim countries, try googling Christians being persecuted if you don't believe me
鈥淓vent 鈥 ? Im speaking about
Hundreds and hundreds of years of history ! of Christian bloodshed and forced conversions across the globe.
Yet I don鈥檛 go to a Christian and say 鈥渢his is what your religion tells you 鈥
In reality ,
Some Muslims oppress Christians and some Christians oppress Muslims .
This Was and still exists.
They are two faces of the same coin and both equally exist. This
Doesn鈥檛 mean that this is what Islam or Christianity teach it鈥檚 rather what certain people and groups decide to do.
Kkk crimes are on going
The lords Resistance army in Africa still commits crime
And individuals like that man who shot ppl at a mosque in New Zealand killing Muslims few years ago
Are not the only examples of religiously/racially motivated people who attacked /attack Muslims .
So yes Christian persecution exists
but Muslim persecution also exists.
here is another one by him.. he is gentle.
[media=https://youtu.be/zpekWGTW4rY]good to see ya again.. mark
It鈥檚 been a while mark I hope you have been well.
Thank you it鈥檚 adorable!
It reminded me of my own childhood
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
I do admire how disciplined the Islamic faith is in contrast to Christianity 鈥

Just certain things鈥 the whole picture is what truly matters.
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
@Mathers one things for sure is鈥. What鈥檚 clean is clean and what鈥檚 unclean is unclean.

Unless it鈥檚 washed using water and Faith.

This stands the test of time. No religion can deny this, or way of life鈥 not even Nature.
It is refreshing to see a pleasant comment coming from a Christian for once.
All of the other comments so far were unfortunately very hateful.
Anyways ,
I am not sure what you meant by your comment but the Quran is the only religious book on earth that is fully memorized in its original language letter by letter by millions of people around the globe.
In other words , the Quran is the only religious book that can be reproduced in a matter of moments if all religious texts were burned without any kind of alternations.
I hope you do dedicate time to study the Quran.

Have a good day sir
Heavenlywarrior36-40, M
@Islamreligion not Christian . I was at once but don鈥檛 do any religion it鈥檚 more of bloodline and high vibrations.
You can also see the way women are treated in Iran
You might see the way Christians are treated in Pakistan@Islamreligion
TheWildEcho56-60, M
@Mathers and a lot of other countries with a large Muslim following
Christians are persecuted
And Muslims are persecuted
Wether in the past or modern day
Two faces of the same coin.
It鈥檚 a vaque claim you are making against Islam because it flies back at you.
I have actually answered this as a reply to 鈥渢he wild echo鈥 down somewhere so please go find and read.it
lastly ,
I discuss Islam using the scripture and Mohammed鈥檚 biography .
If you are interested I am here to discuss.
Otherwise it鈥檚 all a faulty argument to me.
MartinTheFirst26-30, M
He is teaching a boy to sing which is always nice to see, but what are they singing about? a false religion? That makes it not beautiful.
It鈥檚 not singing, It鈥檚 called 鈥渞eciting.鈥
Reading the Quran with tajweed rules.
Believe me , songs in Arabic and Quran recitation you can tell them apart easily especially as an Arabic native speaker.
And if you think Islam is a false religion then that is your opinion
For me and the people in that video we believe it鈥檚 the true religion and that those words are sent down from God.
What is ironic is that one of the verses that this boy recited is as follows
35 : 4

And if they deny you, [O Muhammad] - already were messengers denied before you. And to Allah are returned [all] matters.

Have a good day.
MartinTheFirst26-30, M
@Islamreligion Well that's interesting but it's still singing in our culture.

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