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Have you ever had an interest or hobby that has become an obsession?

Some hone their skills a a sport or a craft. For many it’s personal fitness.

For me it’s travel. Specifically traveling north. I can’t explain why but I have a pull towards the north. I’ve driven as far as I can go in my car before I met the sea - A fun road trip and camping with friends. Then I did a cruise of the Norwegian fjords with my wife. And then I travelled up into the Arctic circle in Finland, going further north than Dad did for his Arctic training in the military. We stayed with reindeer herders and rode a dog team through the forests and over a frozen river.

But that was some years ago, and I’m ready for another adventure, further north than I’ve ever been before.
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
Collecting Qipao aka Cheongsams 🙂🐼🥢

Dlrannie · 31-35, F
@Yulianna 🙂 it’s why I collect them🌹🌻🌸. Keep Safe.
Yulianna · 22-25, F
@Dlrannie 🌻❤🌻 you collect them because they reflect your own beauty... 🤗🕯🤗
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
@Yulianna That’s very sweet of you to say but I’m sure I’m no more beautiful than you😘🌸🌻🌹❤️
CassandraSissy · 22-25, T
I really enjoy Pole Dancing. Started lessons, god, around 5-6 years ago, got with my fella, moved in, got a house together and he did the honourable thing of putting a pole and safe flooring in the garage, that was a fair bit before Covid, and I've used it ever since!

During the 'Covid Years' I was working at home and would spend whenever I could Pole Dancing. It's great for fitness, strength, cardio, agility....and looks damn sexy too!

So...yes...that would be my obsession, I think....


Or...maybe....Carrie Underwood ?!? Hmmmmmm...

jackpotato · 41-45, M
jackpotato · 41-45, M
@jackpotato Norilsk would indeed be about 80 miles further north than I’ve ever made it before. But it’s a long way east of me. Norway, Svalbard and possibly Greenland are potential routes.
jackpotato · 41-45, M
@AMelancholyHaunting where are you? I've been to Narvik and the islands to the west of it.
Notanymore · 36-40, M
Every damn hobby I get it seems to become obsession.
Fairydust · F
Yeah I get a bit obsessed 😬

I’m all or nothing.
Iwillwait · M
Art collecting I'm trying to stop now.
BeJeweled · F
Yes very obsessed with my hobbies and interests.
DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
Never. I guess I have a non-obsessive personality.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Wishing you all the best. My wife and I love traveling too. We travel regularly in the spring, summer and fall.
@Stereoguy Happy travels.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
@AMelancholyHaunting Thank you very much 🙂 You too. 🙂

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