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When men cry is it a sign of weakness or strength to you?

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I personally see it as a strength because I know it takes a lot for most men to show their emotions.
Becks048 · F
I think it means he's human and if he has the strength to show emotion to me I feel closer to him
eyeno · M
@Becks048 [b]Waaa...,[/b]

Becks048 · F
@eyeno or a cry baby 👶 lmao
eyeno · M
@Becks048 meanie..,

Crying is merely a sign that one is human. I’ll never understand the silly macho BS that crying is unmanly, that a “real man” is an insecure one who conforms to these ideas on how a man should act. When one is man enough to show emotion, you’re damn right I consider it a strength. Any ignorant fool who think less of him for it only reveals a lot about themselves.
2Wheels · 31-35, F
@Ducky Love this. 👌
eMortal · M
It depends. If tears come out as soon as you slap him. He’s a sissy.
If on day-7 after losing a relative, you catch him shedding a tear, it’s a sign of someone who knows how far his strength can only take him and allows himself to let go for minute. It’s a sad and at the same time very humbling thing to watch.
Men who never cry, live with their agony inside. They’re not stronger, their tears just pour from outside in.
Wtjvpovdwfhc345355 · 26-30, M
It's usually because emotionally we're not as sensitive. But I see it as more empathetic.
It is human. All must. Muck need be cleared n so cleansing aids in the longevity of eyes.
Tukudo · 41-45, M
Crying is an emotion. Whether men or women one have to burst out. Because it is a safety valve given by Nature to get cleanse oneself . The society wrongly teach to men that crying is weakness. Because women are considered as weakness. Such a wrong thing still happening.
I personally don't see any difference between women and men crying. The most important thing is the reason and genuineness of it. It's neither weakness or strength but it can make a person more vulnerable.
Gangstress · 36-40, F
I don’t like it when men cry. Yes I know that’s a result of society not allowing men to express themselves. But I’m a product of my upbringing
Torsten · 31-35, M
I certainly dont think its strength like so many try and claim. I dont think its weakness either
I’m sure deep down you know the answer to that 😌💀💕

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