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It’s hard adulting especially by yourself

Im 28 ,im literally on my own , I don’t run for help, i this year was my first year making a thanksgiving dinner which came out descent.. edible lol. My ex put me down one time for cooking so late in life.. I come from nothing, my adoptive mom raised me. She was older and sick by my teen years . I just ate bullshit…she had aides and when I’d ask them to show me to cook it would get awkward so I stopped beeping in the kitchen. When my mom died , I went into the world with the little I know. I still google things , I feel so independent but at times it’s overwhelming. I always pray for god to pave a way to always watch over me because I don’t care for myself as much as I do and push my body pass its limits. Where my chest has just started hurting . No one really checks on me but I make sure no one sees me ever fall or see how lonley I am.. .. I don’t ask for shit! I’d see why men target me and that’s always on my mind too, where i can’t trust anyone.. l wish things were different..
Gusman · 61-69, M
Life is difficult.
Even more so for those who never received any useful advice from parents.
Being thrust into the world unprepared is daunting.
See a professional about any concerns you have regarding your health. Do not wait years to do this.
You seem to be getting along, with help from Google. Keep doing what you are doing and life does become a little easier as we gain wisdom and experience.
Sneakylink34 · 26-30, F
@Gusman thank you I can agree that life does get better with wisdom and experience
take a breath...give yourself some grace. You are doing fine!!🤗
Sneakylink34 · 26-30, F
@SHREKPage thank you I try! I feel it’s natural for people like myself and o be hard on thy self when you are doing literally everything by yourself
@Sneakylink34 yes, it's terribly difficult. lots of us here have been through some shit. I'm just saying breathe, hug your kids and yourself.
There are so many people who cannot handle Thanksgiving dinner. That you could do that is amazing. Keep going, do not give up. Try the Internet for recipes. Pinterest is fabulous for recipes. You can't do anything about what happened in your past, but you are in the drivers seat now. Don't worry the past, nor fret the future. You are robbing your today by regret in your past and worry over your future. Live today, only today.
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
Just do your best
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SolGryn · 31-35, M
We all have our struggles. Some fall and some get stronger. Seems to me that you are the latter. Keep being you and I'm sure things will turn out alright for you. I'm sending my best wishes
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Sneakylink34 · 26-30, F
@MarmeeMarch yes with practice I have definitely got better I trying to do the adult meals lol !! Funny my ex couldn’t but was the biggest critique he never complained because he never helped but he did say he would eat other peoples food and it was good, it was intimidating for me

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