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Anyone now any good animes I can watch

SatanBurger · 36-40, F
Lol depends on your tastes... Black Butler is good, Angels of Death is good,

Black Butler
Angels of Death

Dunno I'll have to think of others, I do know of many others but not off the top of my head.
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@ViciDraco Always 🤓
g0thb4by · F
@SatanBurger both of them are amazing and ill watch anything tbh
SatanBurger · 36-40, F
@g0thb4by Both are great, Angels of Death was great but kinda sad too, the ending was good. I really liked it, there's a game based off the show I haven't played but the anime was good.

I think another one I liked but they cut the season short which kinda made me mad was [b]Death Parade[/b].

Then I can also think of [b]Deadman Wonderland[/b] too.
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
Depends what you're into. some of my favs:

Tokyo Ghoul
Future diary
Berserk (90s)
Samurai Champloo
Neon genesis: Evangelion
Black Lagoon
Space Dandy
Cowboy bebop
Gantz (Interesting and weird af, its dark with black humour but it's my least recommended).
Claymore (a bit jank but I like it)
g0thb4by · F
@Ryannnnnn watched most of them 😅 atm am watching my hero academia
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
@g0thb4by I watched it until season 3?. Got a little samey after a bit. Might go back and watch it. Attack on titans a good un but I'm guessing you've seen that 🤔 Demon slayers okay. I'm trying to remember some good obscure ones..
g0thb4by · F
@Ryannnnnn I've just stared season 4 its really good do far
[c=#359E00]Monster. There is no fancy animation but the story is masterpiece[/c]
Rokasu · 36-40, M
Hi score girl on Netflix.
AllelujahHaptism · 36-40, M
What do you like?
g0thb4by · F
That's okay I'll give them a watch thanks 😊
AllelujahHaptism · 36-40, M
@g0thb4by let me know what you think
Always need a fellow anime fan friend lol
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rachel11 · F
angel beats, anohana, re: zero assassination classroom, the ancient magus bride
Sorcha · 26-30, F
Elfen lied 😬
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