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Anyone ever gotten pain injections?

Did they help?
How long did it last?

***I am not asking anyone for a diagnosis, I have already learned the cause of this particular problem. It is not a quick fix, meanwhile I need pain relief***

I am being charged nearly 5k for injects that may not even work.
Just want to hear what others have to say about it.
MellyMel22 · F
[i][c=#BF0080]Everyone is different, but for me I didn’t have one injection that touched my pain. I believe I just had cortisone and nerve block shots. The last nerve block I got many years ago, caused an instant migraine for me and I refused to try more(it was given in my upper neck, but I get daily migraines). The dr kept telling me he had to try more or diff ones, but I told him I was done that it was useless and who knew what it was doing to me.

As I said before though, everyone is different. The shots they give to numb you when stitching- doesn’t numb me, so maybe it’s a similar thing w/the other shots. [/c][/i]
Coralmist · 36-40, F
My sister has horrible Undiagnosed leg pain/tightness daily. She got three cortisol shots and it didn't help at all unfortunately. She's at her wits end in pain so going to ask if there's any other shot.
4meAndyou · F
I have a good friend who is quite large. She has a genetic disease, has to wear leg braces, use crutches, and even a wheelchair at times. Her daughter has the same disease, and they are both struggling with knee problems.

My friend gets steroid injections into her knee. She says she hates getting them, because they hurt...but she absolutely needs them. She says the injection seems not to be working for the first three weeks...and then all of a sudden it kicks in, and she can go for 5 months or more without pain.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@387713,4meAndyou] my mom had knee injections and they did not work for her. She's always rubbing her knees and can barely take the stairs. and they were 1k per knee
4meAndyou · F
[@467302,iamnikki] Stairs are not something you can do without injuring yourself. I have heard people say they help, and people say they don't help. The ex had arthritis in his knee...a different thing than you are dealing with, and he used to get a lubricant injected directly into the joint. They called it STP for the knee. It helped a lot...but all of these will just be temporary fixes.
Ive had several in the past. It seems to be a very hit or miss procedure. I’ve had some provide almost instant relief, and then I’ve had others that didn’t seem to help at all.

They lasted anywhere from 6 weeks to about a year.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@1027980,BananaBrown] the only good thing is that insurance should pay in full, after I pay this near 5k, which is still ridiculous.
[@467302,iamnikki] That’s generally how I start each year. I schedule procedures for as early in January as possible, so at least my deductible is met quickly.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@1027980,BananaBrown] that's a good idea
Slade · 51-55, M
Cortisone, the miracle steroid!
Slade · 51-55, M
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] Since the shots work so well, I wonder what the creme would do for the johnson?🤔
REMsleep · 41-45, F
It really depends on the injection type ( pain injection is vague) and the injection site or source of pain.
Some injections work immediately while others may not be as effective.
But good luck tho. Health is wealth.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@867436,REMsleep] thank you. I'll go ahead and do it. Another place I inquired about was 3k-7k and didn't take insurance, so I guess that's just the cost I have to pay.

Not expecting it to work, since nothing has so far. I hope it does though
I've had a few in my back. They never gave me any immediate relief but after a time the pain just went away. Now it comes back. It is a chronic pain.
AirForce687 · 31-35, M
i had some that lasted 18 months.
iamnikki · 26-30, F
[@167682,AirForce687] do you know the type you had? any side effects?
AirForce687 · 31-35, M
[@467302,iamnikki] botox. worked within 20 minutes for me.

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