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Who has learned to manage their IBS?

and how did you do it? Issues with getting a correct diagnosis? And if you are way better now how did you do it? If you don't know what IBS is you probably don't have it. But I will talk to anyone here with something helpful to say...TY
SwampFlower · 31-35, F
Get tested for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and get treatment for it, if you have it. It's really common with motility disorder (ibs falls under that) and makes symptoms a lot worse. My gi said most people with either too slow or too fast digestion have some bacterial imbalance to deal with.
@SwampFlower I skipped the motility test and just told the doc that the motility was "fast".

I already fired my first doc and probably many more to come. The don't like YOU telling them what to do. But I can try.

SwampFlower · 31-35, F
@Stilltryinghard I have fired entire health systems for such negligence. Best of luck. 🤗
@SwampFlower I am getting to that point. My next doc works for a system that already fired me..from the complete SYSTEM.

So this should be very interesting with their filthy underhanded politics (of who gets good treatment and who doesn't deserve it)...

TY again!
I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 15 years ago.
I lost about 15kg while i was being told i just had a stomach bug.

I was told to go on a high fibre low fat diet which i did and that just aggravated the symptoms for me. So i have adjusted aspects of my diet over the years and that has helped a lot. I could tell you what i've done but i think it probably varies between individuals.
Nomad7 · 22-25, M
My own flares up each time I have a more than minor bout with a stomach infection. The last one was in June this year... I continued to take certain allopathic medicines but they didn't help, so I tried ayurvedic medicines for about 3 weeks. The symptoms eventually subsided... I developed IBS from a severe bout of dehydration back when I was 6 months old, which nearly killed me. I do have a weaker than average digestive system, but things can be brought under control with the right habits and if you eat right... What about you?
@Nomad7 Thank you...very informative!
Ciaotutti · F
Monitor your diet & find out if your allerguc to any foods ie dairy gluten etc eat a diet with fibre in it but not to much. Keep hydrated. I dont think I have IBS. Thats just some tips thst might help. Dont drink too much fizzy soda.
Ciaotutti · F
@Stilltryinghard Thats terrible if you pay insurance why dont you get the care? Twist and the problem will disappear 🤔 thats crazy.

Im not sure if exercise might help though it keeps the body ticking over better.
I cant believe you cant get medical help it must be awful. 😫🤗
@Ciaotutti secret triage is the reason.

I can develop my own exercises too.
@Stilltryinghard If the fault is the standard American diet and habits its no wonder the medical racket couldn't care less what happens to us as a result. Ditto for diseases like ****** ****** and ***** ******.
Thank you all for caring enough to talk to me here. This is very helpful and it it certainly reassuring to find out the doctors pretty much everywhere couldn't care less.
Ciaotutti · F
@Stilltryinghard well in my country the whole welfare system is having major cut backs leading to real poverty & we now have more food banks than ever but the rich keep getting richer. We also have a major increase in homeless prople and kids going without food and propet clothing. People are frightened to put on heating. Its misery in this country unless your rich.
@Ciaotutti You are in Italy?
What happens here in the USA hits everyone else eventually..forced cutbacks, forced greed, forced secret triage in medical centers...

What breaks my heart about your country is how hard they tried to get it right for so long. I know some of the stories ("Il Postino") about Pablo Neuruda living there before he went back to his homeland Chile and got murdered by the fascists who had kidnapped that beautiful poetic country. I think Italy is very poetic too. And dedicated to a higher level of human historical "wealth". Just saying...
Ciaotutti · F
@Stilltryinghard No I live in Bonnie Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I have spent a lot of time in Italy to and know a little bit of history around ww2 what happened to the Italian people.
The country is a source of great wealth but they have corruption around every corner. Its an amazingly beautiful country.
I've heard celery juice is amazing for any digestive trouble
Ciaotutti · F
@SW-User yeah I heard that one to.
Bushranger · 70-79, M
Have you tried improving your diet? There's some good info online, but be careful of the sources, the Mayo Clinic and IBS, Crohn's, Colitis sites are your best bet. But finding a good Gastro is probably your best bet.
@Bushranger I am experimenting with what will not make me sick. Not a lot of choices!
Bushranger · 70-79, M
@Stilltryinghard I take it you are in the US? This site looks pretty good: I know it's about food allergies, but the concept of eliminating foods that can cause problems and bringing them back into your diet gradually and seeing what happens should work for you too. It's not easy, but could well be worth it.
@Bushranger I have been experimenting with that stuff for a while now, learning slowly...
CoffeeFirst · 56-60, F
When I finally started paying attention to what was actually happening, I realized I eat too fast which causes intestinal pain which is awful. So I try to eat slower. Besides that, I try to eat fiber and drink water, that seems to help. But as far as what foods cause problems, I have not pinpointed that yet. Best wishes!
@CoffeeFirst sounds good!

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