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To bidet or not to bidet?

OK, cheesy headline. I know.

I bought a bidet kit from Amazon a few weeks ago and plan to install it today. My hesitation: I didn鈥檛 spring for the $400-$500 heated unit. I got the $50 basic one. So the thought of icy cold water in the netherparts is kind of holding me back.

Anyone got experience with this they want to share? Will my bum adjust to the cold spray or will I never want to use it? 馃槀
SkeetSkeet100+, F Best Comment
More people need to spray their ass off

Matt8536-40, M
馃槼 <---- your face when you use the bidet
Akimbo7546-50, F
@Matt85 馃槀馃槶
Really80-89, M
I have one of these; unpressurized and no heat. But no problem : the toilet tank is at room temperature and that's where the water comes from. You won't jump off of the seat; it's really quite pleasant.
Akimbo7546-50, F
@Really THANK YOU this is what I needed to know lol
@Really how does it get water from the tank? I thought they tapped into the supply line
Really80-89, M
@SooperSarah(Edit: Not the supply line; Just gravity feed from the tank. Haha I'm recalling very old buildings with a ceiling-high tank and a pull-chain. Those were super-flushers! A bidet running off those could maybe lift you off the seat.)

In most toilets there's - what? - maybe 15" of 'head' between the tank water level and the bowl - plenty to provide a good 'squirt'.

A word of caution - don't test the thing by activating it while not seated. The water will arc over the seat & travel quite a distance 馃槼
Bowenw61-69, M
Heated is the way to go if you can afford it.
Bowenw61-69, M
@Akimbo75 It is indeed an investment. I did mine as part of a bathroom reno. It even has a remote control to control the bidet as well as flush the toilet.
Really80-89, M
@Bowenw [quote]@Akimbo75 You can see the difference using a hand-held shower head[/quote]No you can't. The shower takes its water from the line supply and/or the water heater. It can be at almost any random temperature. A bidet fed from the toilet tank is at the same temperature as your bathroom.
Bowenw61-69, M
@Really My bidet uses line cold water and heats it to the desired temperature, the same way an on-demand water heater works.
I thought about getting one. I don't have an outlet anywhere nearby to plug in a heated one though.
Akimbo7546-50, F
@SooperSarah I didn鈥檛 even think of that. Neither do I lol
Must be weird having your rosebud tickled with a stream of cool water
Akimbo7546-50, F
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout I don鈥檛 plan on reporting back but yes, agree lol
I am Italian so... I can't comment! To me, a bathroom without a bidet is not a bathroom...
Really80-89, M
@teenrob Most British & American homes have bathrooms too small for a separate bidet. The toilet attachment is a useful alternative.
Sounds like a summer activity when cold water is a good thing!
MarineBob56-60, M
A lot of people bought them during the plandemic, most have since removed them
MarineBob56-60, M
@Really when everyone was out Costco had a full trailer not yet unloaded
Really80-89, M
@MarineBob Quit snooping around in your neighbors' toilets.
Really80-89, M
@Akimbo75 [quote]Do you know why?[/quote]He doesn't know why because he made it up and doesn't know if it's true
Redbeard56-60, M
The heated units are worth the investment. Warmer water readily rinses everything. You might even try to connect the unit to the sink or shower and use the warmer water that way if it's possible.
Really80-89, M
@Redbeard I'm glad you like your heated bidet supply. So for you it's a worthwhile investment; but not necessarily for everyone. Needing warm water for 'rinsing everything' is a bit of a joke when most people wipe with dry paper. A room temperature wash is a big improvement, and just fine. You wouldn't want water hot enough to kill bacteria!
I can't see how it'll be a good plan. even worse if you connect it up to a hot water supply line, I suppose.
Really80-89, M
@stound What plan do you mean?
plankter97951-55, M
You can鈥檛 hook it up yet the hot water line for your shower/sink?
Akimbo7546-50, F
@plankter979 the toilet is all by itself in a little toilet room in the bathroom
Let us know how it goes and did you enjoy it
Really80-89, M
@nevergiveupQuite nice but best not to get addicted 馃ゴ
wake u in morning lol
empanadas31-35, M
Wet wipes work better than having a still slightly dirty wet ass

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