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Feeling Ungrounded

I recently started a new job and it has been a learning curve to say the least. These last few weeks I鈥檝e been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and ungrounded. I am looking for ways to bring more pleasure into my life. I found a really good article on sensuality, but I have no idea how to practice it. Has anyone practiced sensuality? How did you do it, and what did you do?
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Very Well Said! 馃憤
Mamapolo201670-79, F
[@1234175,RaceFan88] You can do it with a bowl of cereal.

Imagine you have to describe the whole cereal-eating process to someone who doesn't know what cereal is.

Use a bowl you like. What does the box feel like when you pick it up? How does it sound when you open the flaps and then open the plastic inner bag? When you pour it into the bowl. Same with the milk. Can you hear the cereal reacting to the milk?

The different tastes.

Focus on small things around you, because they are big things.
RaceFan8826-30, M
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] I will try that, thanks!
Heartlander80-89, M
Yes. It's a bit like meditating but I try to isolate and focus on the various senses and how they can connect the mind and body to its surroundings, be that people, things, animals, etc. Take a clue from animals, they know when thy are being looked at; they know what time it is; they know if you are a threat or not.

Like close your eyes and touch things, drag your fingers and feel the texture. Discover and explore things with your fingers rather than your eyes. Or lay on your back, close your eyes and look towards the sky and feel the warmth of the sun against your face and what sunlight penetrates through you eyelids. Or do the same at night with eyes open.

Another favorite is to lay still on my back, close my eyes and try to find the pocket of energy within myself. For me it's about the size of a softball. With my mind I can move that ball around in my body from head to toe. Where to look first? Mine can usually be found in my lower stomach.

Or from the outside. Feel the layers of energy that surround oneself. Close your eyes and slowly pass one hand over the other arm, up and down. How far away, without even touching, can you feel. Relax enough and I can feel the energy from a foot away.

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