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Have you been drinking your juice boxes the wrong way all these years?

GunFingerF Best Comment
Don't we all want to drink like this?馃榿

Degbeme61-69, M
Doesn`t matter which way the straw goes in, it doesn`t stop the little buggers from squeezing it and having it squirt all over the place. 馃槄
WaryWitchWandering31-35, F
@Degbeme yes
FishSticks31-35, F
My whole life has been a lie
Riemann31-35, M
Wrong, cus the sharp side is the one without the springy part.
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
I鈥檓 gonna watch and see how heated the arguments get over this. 馃檪
I definitely have been. Wow. 馃く
RodionRomanovitch56-60, M
@bijouxbroussard lol ...... me too !
WaryWitchWandering31-35, F
Fucking Christ鈥 this would have prevented so many spills

I鈥檓 doing it this way from now on
No. Dumb graphic.
REMsleep41-45, F
That is not how that was designed to be used. Im not saying that its wrong but it was designed to be used as #1 option.
But I need to spend 45 minutes working that straw to get every last drop... to avoid talking to those around me.
romell46-50, M
Next would be using our masks in wrong place
[i][c=BF0080]I saw this recently 馃槄[/c][/i]
I know those straws can be dangerous in the wrong hands
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
I'd just stick a knife in the top and pour it into a glass.
The joke is going over my head because that makes no sense 馃
BBrendan46-50, M
Yes I have and I鈥檒l continue to do so!
I don't drink juice boxes.
馃槷 All those misspent years.
The right day is the SW way.
KiwiBird31-35, F
Never bought a juice box yet.
I saw that earlier lol
zerofuks2give36-40, M
Nope. Doesn鈥檛 work
jake6061-69, M
Lol thanks for BC.馃ぃ
Beats me! Never touch those!
iamonfire69636-40, F
The straw gets lost in the juice box that 鈥渘ew鈥 way
@iamonfire696 I think so too
iamonfire69636-40, F
@AthenaArena I saw someone try it on a tiktok and that鈥檚 exactly what happened 馃ぃ

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