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Hdryder555 · 61-69, M Best Comment
Best selling book ever!
Hdryder555 · 61-69, M
Yay best answer! Thanks!

Not particularly. It's critically culturally important to a lot of groups, but taken in itself, it's a repetitive, haphazard mess.
Loretta78 · 46-50, F
Yes - as a historical book and reading it with scientific interest. 🤓
Prettybrat · 26-30, F
OMG I love the Bible so much I haven't read it since 2015...
MikefromEP · 51-55, M
It's good for thumping people
GeniUs · 56-60, M
It sends the religions it's supposed to support down the river with it's support of violence, cruelty and demonstration that any god who claims it as his word is a small petty god.
Remove the 'best answer' from that fool and give it to me. Now.
SailorMarz · F
Nah. I attempted to read it like 10 times & i can't get into it.

Now the satanic bible? Its interesting. But reading it kinda scares me lol
Shadowstep · 22-25, M
Meh... Not the greatest sci-fi novel I read.. maybe the worst..
morbidraccoon · 31-35, M
i laguhed my ass of reading the old testament years ago
Peaceful · F
It's a tool, just like anything else.
The Bible with a side of fries.
Under1 · 26-30, F
Good work of fiction lol
Mordi · 31-35, M
Not really.
Carver · 31-35, F
Trevo · 26-30, M
I haven't opened one in a long time, not enough pictures
Travelbug · 56-60, F
No its boring
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