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I broke up with my good for nothing pathetic excuse of a guy, my boyfriend yesterday.

I called the police on him yesterday and my dad and some of them are on their way right now. Can’t believe how stupid I felt! Yes we’re going so well and then I hate to him about everyone was right about him. How can I be so fucking stupid?!!! I am just a stupid ass dumbass naive autistic bitch that will never get a good man and I will never see the world like everyone else because I’m too dumb to see it and I don’t wanna have to keep correcting me!!! Why can’t I read people? Why can’t I see what everyone else sees? I guess some people are right about me, I’m autistic and STUPID! I know everyone’s gonna tell me they told me so right in my face. My sympathy for me.
Now my dad, brother and uncles want to kill and beat up my ex boyfriend.
I filed a restraining order against him. Come hundred feet near me. I don’t want him to call me see me or ever come near me ever again cause I’m done with him!! I mean it goes I’m done for good!
Lilnonames · F
Lesson learned and move on hes the past now look ahead.sometimes love is blind and you only saw what u wanted to not the first girl who did its over and u can move forward
[@1749,Lilnonames] I can’t believe how fucking stupid I was! Everyone in my family and my five friends have been nagging at me and wouldn’t stop bugging me to dump him and some called me dense, desperate, naive and other harsh words. Excuse my language. My dad told me it’s over and stop talking about it! He a hardass whenever I dwell on the past. He’s TOUGH. I kept crying and talking about and he got in my face and said, “It’s OVER’ he’s the past! Stop dwelling ON THE PAST! Am I’m not letting you! Not on my watch! I’m going to be hard on you.” I usually don’t cuss like that.
Abdulmalik · 22-25, M
Guy boyfriend? Is that different from a girl boyfriend?
[@1230161,Abdulmalik] You know what I mean
Helloeveryone · 56-60, F
Why don't you talk this out.
You seem intelligent.
[@1211595,Helloeveryone] I already did and thank you and I appreciate it. I get underestimate a lot because I’m autistic and some people think I need help all the time and I think I can’t think for myself and that’s not true. Molly 19 and just learning but still.

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