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Who goes to bed at 7pm?

I am not trying to judge but does too early. I have a friend that goes to bed every night at seven and honestly that’s not like someone our age. We’re like 19 going on 20 and she is 22. What 22 year goes to bed at 7 PM?! where are young were supposed to be going crazy having a great time! I mean crazy in a good way. Supposed to be going out and exploring stuff! Trying to convince her to stay up a little later cause she’s got nothing to do unless it’s work. She needs to learn to live a little. I understand it’s her life and she does whatever she wants that’s her call but still it’s so early if she needs to learn how to live. There’s times we invite her go out and we will take her out somewhere.
All she wants to do is stay home, crochet, read a book and go to bed. She does love shopping and going to the stores but that’s all she does.
But like we said her life she does what she wants and we have no say in it.
xuxuguinhu9 · 31-35, T
nope but at 9..
if i had a job i would use all my free time to sleep lol
SW User
She seems very content with herself.
7 pm is too early but why not? She is probably very healthy because of it.
SW User
[@1184578,JulesKittyKat] it's okay not to follow the norm. She is being herself and it's quite admirable to me.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@44604,Aidolovemostofyourthoughts] what is a good thing I’m glad she’s being herself. I respect her for that but she’s going to at least get out of her comfort zone sometime but it’s her life.
SW User
[@1184578,JulesKittyKat] at some point she probably will.
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
Me sometimes. Depends on how tired I am
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@717388,GaiusJuliusCaesar] Hahahah
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
[@717388,GaiusJuliusCaesar] I love that time of day. So relaxing, like you own the world.
SpaceJesus · 41-45, M
[@1125727,FlowersNButterflies] It is nice
Some people sleep at 7, but get up in the middle of night to do something. They sleep twice a day.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@37506,jjoe01] Yeah I guess so
beefandbroccoli · 26-30, M
It's her life.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@567763,blackcar] I know it’s her life like I said on the question but she doesn’t wanna do anything fun. I know everyone’s idea of fun is different but come on.
sassypants · 31-35, F
Usually ready for bed by nine. We start early at our home so if you want eight hours you have to get to bed. Some people just need more sleep than others.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@581300,sassypants] well I got to bed at 11 or noon. The days I go to work I have to go to bed around 10
smileylovesgaming · 26-30, F
Wow I couldn't imagine. I usually go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@576182,smileylovesgaming] yeah me too. Are usually go to bed around 11 sometimes midnight or even 10. 7pm is just too damn early to go to bed.
smileylovesgaming · 26-30, F
[@1184578,JulesKittyKat] I usually have to relax after the kid's go to bed before I do
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@576182,smileylovesgaming] ahhh gotcha
Flowerzdtj · 36-40, F
I go to bed around 7:30. I like getting a lot of sleep. Then I wake up around 7:00 AM.
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@1175566,Flowerzdtj] so early! Wow you sleep for 12 hours?!
[@1175566,Flowerzdtj] wow. Must be nice
Asmae · 31-35, F
The sun is not even down at 7 ~usually ~ at this time of the year in many places 😅
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@509132,Asmae] Right?! How can she sleep when the sun still up? I mean she’ll go to bed at eight sometimes but that’s early!
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
I am nothing like how I was when I was her age. She may change. Some people are "late bloomers".
Xavierr · 46-50, M
She'll never have coitus and procreate
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
not me, I’m still washing dishes from dinner.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
She may have adrenal or thyroid issues going on.
I have but it's rare
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
[@502796,Sibo191] ok

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