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Some people block for such petty things lol i got blocked my first

Because i said high? And Bi

She asks whats that mean
I said a play in words

And click im blocked
Give it 2 years and all you will see are a bunch of deleted comments where you cant see what blocked users have posted馃槅
Ive made it a hobby of listing who has blocked me.
[@332555,Novascel] lmbo.. I鈥檝e heard it all. I鈥檓 going to start that too. Hahaha
[@332555,Novascel] Hahaha same馃槀馃槀I just got blocked by some old bat who started shit with me and then got pissed when I defended myself then blocked me.. I see soooo many 鈥渢his message was deleted鈥 on posts just like you.
[@1171624,DollOfTheDead] I think it was during my hoe phase where I got kicked by a lot of people lmfao
I get blocked every single day, by the looney left and the politically correct morons and those who oppose free speech
[@5946,nedkelly] there loss
There are enough jerks on here that some people have lost their sense of humor.
[@113373,TexChik] it made no sense but to each their own i say
[@1029578,Eyeamhere] I just saw the post and who. She hasnt been on here for very long either. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Also I am hearing stories here that are heartbreaking, they talk to each other for YEARS...then boom one of them just blocks out of nowhere 馃く馃く
83DolphinStarCookies36-40, F
You are not officially an SW鈥檈r until your first block so congratulations 馃帀 lol
[@892169,Starchild1983] lol
It's one big block party lol
[@1141547,Lilym] I love this *laughs*.
[@1149742,Natasha2020] it's true innit? 馃き
[@1141547,Lilym] def and a great play on words *laughs*.
And it's an absolutely great thing! Better they block you sooner so you don't have to hear their nonsense!
[@800884,Viper] amen 馃檹
You see why i say welcome to hell to newbies right? This place has deadly levels of Karen sometimes
chris62ca56-60, M
There are too many simpletons on this site.
[@376657,chris62ca] you ain't lying about that
LoveTriumphsOverHate31-35, M
It makes them feel powerful, I guess.
[@1164612,LoveTriumphsOverHate] just shows there stupidity
At least when I get blocked I know why. Ya, you will find that you can鈥檛 wrap your mind around these people sometimes. Or wait till you get a PM from someone and in the middle of typing an answer.......boom, they blocked you same second.
[@537009,MissFugger] I've had that happen too some idiot one time messaged me said thank you then blocked me
StrongerNow51-55, F
Hahaha I hear ya
Seems any reason will do.

I was gone from this place for a long time and as I was going through my inbox, I notice I couldn't even reply to more than half the messages because I鈥檇 been blocked! Haha
I guess I was taking too long to reply. 馃槪馃槪
Yeah get used to it. The pettiness is kindergarten level.
[@1141631,FadingStar] don't insult kindergarten children like that
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] 馃槅 Oh yeah, sorry. Those poor little kids.
[@1141631,FadingStar] lol
Some people don't like "high" or "Bi"
[@868864,HannahSky] no she was complaining about people just saying hi so i said high
She laughed and said what?
I said Bi lol
And just a play on words
And she blocked me
[@1029578,Eyeamhere] oh, well, can't win them all 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
[@868864,HannahSky] i think its funny im not complaining
You get used to that... happens to me most every day around here... 馃き
83DolphinStarCookies36-40, F
[@421598,Becksta] you?? No.... 馃槻 馃ぃ
[@892169,Starchild1983] I know... shocking, eh??? 馃き
83DolphinStarCookies36-40, F
[@421598,Becksta] hehe 馃構
People are more than a little strange around here. Sorry. You鈥檒l get use to it.
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] oh ill be fine yahoo was stupid thts ones strange. they go tooogether well
[@1029578,Eyeamhere] people be strange haha got to laugh at them.
I've gotten blocked for even less, and I'm not losing any sleep over any of it.
[@570658,Ferric67] oh me either i could care less lol
rainguy41-45, M
Yep. Some people are just looking for any excuse, even if they are completely wrong.
Degbeme61-69, M
Don`t sweat the petty thing. Just don`t pet the sweaty things. 馃槚 馃き
[@72117,Degbeme] lol 馃憤
LetsGoBrandon31-35, M
I don't block I ignore like they're nothing to me
馃槻 What? No sense of humor? Then it鈥檚 good they saved you one block...coz sooner or later that snowflake would have annoyed you again.
Cool! Even I rarely block...I鈥檝e only used 87 blocks out of 500 in my 4 yrs here. [@1029578,Eyeamhere]
[@372543,Vivaci] thats pretty good.ive already seen one i do not like and will block him.he posts gross stuff
JustcallmeNameless36-40, F
馃槀I've blocked 191 in
3 1/2 years and I'm sure I've been blocked that many times or more
[@585989,JustcallmeNameless] ive not blocked anyone yet
JustcallmeNameless36-40, F
[@1029578,Eyeamhere] well you are probably nicer than me
[@585989,JustcallmeNameless] haha
I got blocked because I didn't vote on a poll someone had asking who was cuter her or her sister lol
chuck788256-60, M
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] omg. She blocked you?
[@701409,chuck7882] yea she is messed up in the head I think lol
I'm not surprised. That happens a lot here, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. I don't get it. People just do that. It's weird.
You will be fine, you know you have settled in here when people start blocking you
[@1167366,StormInaTeacup] haha yeah im ok there loss
Thatguy3331-35, M
Yeah, people are weird. You will find yourself blocked by members who you rarely interacted with, LOL.
Lol who are you talking about that was my post I didn't block you.
[@10788,PiecingMeBackTogether] different post
[@1029578,Eyeamhere] Yea I got it. Such a weirdo lol
checkoutanytime41-45, M
Words are fun, when you scientificly examine one & all
[@1201531,checkoutanytime] yes they are
馃ぃ I got blocked simply because some read my profile lol.
[@475466,iMystery] lol
chuck788256-60, M
Getting blocked is a badge of honor here
[@701409,chuck7882] haha for high and Bi
Some people dislike wordplay
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] Some people find reasons to dislike [i]anything.[/i] Some people shouldn't be on social sites if they have no intention of being social.
latinladybug41-45, F
Yep, that's pretty typical on here 馃槀.
LunaRavenWolf26-30, F
Welcome to sw lol
Virgo7956-60, M
Welcome to sw馃槀
We have block parties on sw. 馃帀 馃巿

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