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Why do women do this?

Sorry if this sounds like an accusatory Q, I’m just a little frustrated. I notice how a lot of women on here will respond to DM’s one minute, then stop the next minute. Nothing changed, they’re still online and posting, the message I sent is no less interesting than the previous. So what changed?

I know women get a lot of messages but why not either respond to each message (from one given person) every time, or just not respond not at all? Instead of sporadically switching between responding and not responding?
SW User Best Comment
Sometimes people just don't feel like talking one-on-one, or aren't sure what to say. I'm notoriously bad at keeping up conversations because the majority of the time I just wanna mess around in the public posts and then dip. I'm just not a private message kinda girl I guess.
[@944132,Sprout] So why respond sporadically
SW User
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] They probably want to at least try to talk to you because ignoring you completely would make them feel like a dick.

pentacorn · F
males do this as well, even when they sent the first message. people learn as the conversation progresses, and i think the lack of response should be taken at face value; the interest is no longer there.
I try to respond to every message I get but sometimes guys come up and say hi and I say hi and they say how are you and I say find and you and they say fine and there usually 10-15 message and I don’t have time to have fhe small talk. And I feel bad.
[@935384,LaosGirl] You mean they just don’t say much? I always make sure I have something to say.
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] many just make the small talk. I make an intro message and say please don’t do that. Or they make sexual remark or say I want to do this or that to you or your bum or your boobs.
[@935384,LaosGirl] Yeah. I don’t do that.
latinladybug · 41-45, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] Well, imagine if your notifications are blowing up from a post of yours, and then all of a sudden someone PM's you. Obviously the one private message will take a backseat to the mass number of responses that you are receiving on your post, such as this one.
ImplodingVoices · 41-45, F
Perhaps she is not here to talk to only you.
or she had to pee
She doesn't know what to say next? Has no real solid reply or anything to move onto from where you and she left off.
Effloresce · 22-25, F
It’s nothing personal. I just only reply to messages when I feel like replying. Usually I get distracted by other things or just don’t feel like opening up my messages
kentex35 · 61-69, M
Are you asking someone to explain women? I don't think women can explain women.
My dad told me instead wishing for a sane woman I should be more realistic and wish, like, for a dragon
SW User
short attention spans, they get bored, looking for more attention and get it from that "special person" or who knows.
I have a life and that takes precedence over a PM.
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] No I haven’t.
Your think once someone chats with you in DMs they’re not allowed to chat with anyone else. Maybe you’re not as interested as you think.
[@485179,jadedsunshine] No. I said why do women respond sporadically. You’re clearly not interested in answering my questions so bye.
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] You’ll hear what you want.
RogueLoner · M
I don't PM much. Just a select few, and only when I actually have something to say.
Most women say right on their profile "Don't PM me" or something similar, as if every guy is just dying to get to know them because they are so damn desirable, 🙄 so … OK then. I will follow orders. Then they will say I'm stuck up. 😏
Because PM's are kind of Annoying
It's being rude. At least wrap up the convo. It's awkward sometimes to stop if you don't want to talk but still, people can say, nice to talk etc bye..
Men do it too. Especially if they don't get the response they want.
IBHappy · F
Depends on the conversation. I dont want to carry the conversation. If someone makes the effort to conversate and it isn't all about sex I message back.
Shayama · FVIP
[@376301,IBHappy] agree
english · 51-55, M
well most of the men here do not respect to the woman ,and if you did most mens expectations are unrealistic ,just because a females replies a few times out of politeness, does nt mean anything other than that. to many idiots on here think as soon as they get a reply from a female thats some kind in ,that she owes him something,politeness and being civil is part a public forum ,but thats all it is, im sorry you sound just like the guys i described, she does not owe you a thing . move on buddy
DDonde · 31-35, M
Some people just aren't super into doing PMs.
[@373024,DDonde] Then why respond sporadically
DDonde · 31-35, M
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] They just don't really care about it that much?
DDonde · 31-35, M
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] I dunno.
ZenPearl · F
I honestly don't know..and the answer is as varied as the person you are PM-ing..
Shayama · FVIP
[@674752,ZenLioness] agree
Dan88411 · 31-35, M
People get caught up in other things offline 🤷🏽‍♂️.
[@940086,Dan439] Like I said, still online and posting.
people get bored, don't notice. hard to say, I suppose
Tminus6453 · M
That happens to me too, they get so many PM's you're just another one in a long line and probably shoved to the back of that line.. and i only PM ones my my buddylist😕
ScarletMoonEmpire · 36-40, F
[c=#359E00]in my case, i'll making an effort to constantly reply if you're my friend[/c]
Daisy50 · 51-55, F
Huh.Checks messages.
Daisy50 · 51-55, F
[@813039,lizzy96] I usually answer but sometimes forget to.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
[@485257,Daisy50] i thought you were the one that said bc nothing to talk about so I replied to the wrong person
Daisy50 · 51-55, F
[@813039,lizzy96] Lol
Steve42 · 51-55, M
Oddly, I never get dm'd so you should be thankful if you are.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Ran out of things to say.
lizzy96 · 22-25, F
[@423488,curiosi] same, also after some time you guys get too clingy

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