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Is it a low income parent thing to scream at and smack their kids in public?

Cause I'm in a poorer neighborhood at the moment and this old lady on a store scooter keeps screaming at the kids with her and I saw her slap one. I like saw them twice in the store and each time this lady is screaming. My parents never did this I just got privileges take away and grounded
SW User
It's a shitty parent thing
TheFragile41-45, F
[@67788,Aiyana] this answer 馃憜
Lostpoet31-35, M
It's probably just how she was brought up. It's not an excuse but I bet she has had to live a harder life than you and me. I think she needs help because it's not good for those kids either.
JustcallmeNameless31-35, F
[@780464,Lostpoet] screaming and slapping your kids is wrong. I feel sorry for the kids.
It is illegal to smack kids in my country. You used to see it happen in stores several years ago but never now.
JustcallmeNameless31-35, F
[@1507,Rusham] it should be illegal everywhere
FreeSpirit146-50, F
Poor parenting isn't based on income level. They are everywhere
MasterLee51-55, M
A liberal thing
[@9463,MasterLee] Be careful as a few simple democrats are hanging around today, with there usual vile and nasty comments
MasterLee51-55, M
[@5946,nedkelly] I am used to it
JustcallmeNameless31-35, F
Why the lazy bitch on a scooter?
JustcallmeNameless31-35, F
[@5946,nedkelly] 馃槚 and I betcha thats similar to what she looked like.
blablah26-30, M
[@585989,Lissa] she wasnt that's the weird thing
[c=#4C0073]she's obviously very stressed, .. not an excuse i know, but still .. not a low income thing[/c]
blablah26-30, M
[@26363,rowena] doesnt mean she can beat on the kids
RoxClymer36-40, M
[@26363,rowena] and she could be stressed Because of low income
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
A lot of low income people aren't taught about acceptable social behaviors.
If you are a good parent, then there is no need to smack kids...
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
no... it's not.

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