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I realise i'm turning into them annoying aunts who can't stop talking or posting about their nieces but these lil toerags are forever making me laugh

so tough馃槍

My sister was telling me about my 4 year old niece today. She went out with her kids and a friend to grab something to eat. While she was there she took my niece to the toilet where a woman happened to let the biggest one rip, to which my niece apparently responded to with "OMG WHAT WAS THAT" that made the woman in the cubicle giggle. My sister was shushing her, but it didn't stop there.
Once the woman came out to wash her hands, my niece stood next to her, looked her up and down before saying "it was you wasn't it?"

Lmao, I wish I was there.
tiggerandariel1341-45, M
my 4 year old asked my mom if she knew how to change a diaper
"what the hell's going on in there ?" - niece
Allelse31-35, M
Oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother is like that with her granddaughter. EVERYTHING! The little runt does is front page news.
Allelse31-35, M
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] Dont get me wrong I like kids! I get on with kids great, but after a while enough is enough! I mean going on and on and on and on!! "Oh she's so clever and smart, just like me, oh how amazing, you know she's so well behaved". Blah blah blah! I'll be honest, the kid gives me the creeps! I like most kids but my sister's kid is freaky.
[@415694,Allelse] 馃槅 i'm not quite that bad. I only share stories worth sharing.
Allelse31-35, M
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] I should hope so! I mean what was it the other day, oh that's right!! she was getting on with some boy from down the road, they're both toddlers and my idiot mother is all "Oh they're in love! They're going to grow up to get married!!". Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody excruciating.
She sounds hilarious and adorable!
ToyMakerTokeTaker31-35, F
oh my fuck im glad i read this! hahaha :D :D :D
SW User
馃槀 I so love this
Picklebobble256-60, M
when the toerags will be posting about the mischevious doings of their aunts 馃榿

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