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Hello all!
We've had plans for a very long time, to [b]make SimilarWorlds into a platform where users can actually EARN from their shared content[/b].

[i][u]Our general idea is to:[/u][/i]

[big]Allow our users to [u]Earn 90%-100% of All Ad Revenue[/u] that is generated by their own content.[/big]

This includes the user's:
• [b]Posts[/b]
• [b]Profile[/b]
• [b]Photos & Albums[/b]
• other unique user generated content pages, that we may add in the future.

[i](The remaining ~10% does NOT go to us, as will be explained below.)[/i]


Initiatives of this nature aren't typically the easiest to pull off (involving mass distributed payments, timely billing cycles, contracts with payment processors, the legal work, etc...).

However, this is something we've always had a strong interest in doing, and we would like to work towards planning and developing this idea over the coming months.

With the world becoming increasingly more technologized and automated,
with the inevitable expansion of Artificial Intelligence around the horizon... 🤖

we believe that tech-based companies like ourselves, should play a part in long-term wealth distribution.

Even if we only will be playing a very small part in contributing to a more fair and balanced global financial ecosystem, we believe it may be the right direction for SimilarWorlds to move towards. 🌞


[quote]Allow our users to [u]Earn 90%-100% of All Ad Revenue[/u] that is generated by their own content.[/quote]

[i]Some Notes:[/i]

[big]Revenue Share 💵[/big]
1) Ideally we would like to pay users as much as we can manage to, for revenue generated by their own content.
Only when we reach the further stages of this plan, would we be able to confirm what the Pay-Share rate would be.

There's still many things to account for and calculate;
- Cost of 3rd-party services/processors
- Legal / Cross-border agreements
- Transaction and Tax Costs
- Margin of Error / Invalid Ad Clicks/Impressions

We can at least assure you that we will be working towards providing users with as large a share of generated ad earnings as we can reasonably offer.
Our aim is to be able to pay users 90%-100% Revenue Share. 🏆

[u]Note[/u]: "Own Content" (pages) refer to the actual Page/URL of your content (post, profile, albums, etc.)
This does not include "Directories" where previews of your content may appear (home feed, group pages, etc.)


[big]Restricted Content ⛔[/big]
2) Certain Types of Content are Not Ad-Monetizable, such as:
[b]- Adult
- Nudity
- Fetish
- Sensitive[/b]

Contrary to what we've seen many user's claim, we SW Admins do Not prefer to have, nor do we profit from, such content types existing on SimilarWorlds.

We have retained categorized allowance for these types of content, based on user's feedback,
whom overwhelmingly voted that we should continue to allow users to post Nudity and other Adult content types, as long as it is properly labeled as such.


[big]Earning from Referrals (~10%) 📊[/big]
A major part of this initiative that we would like to strongly consider, is to allow users to also profit by inviting users to use SimilarWorlds.

[quote][i](The remaining ~10% does NOT go to us, as will be explained below.)[/i]

As mentioned, we would like to give as much as feasibly possible, back to users in the form of revenue generated from content they have posted to SW.

At the same time, we do not want our site to become a "Spammy Network", nor do we want to encourage any type of "Pyramid Scheme / Multi-Level Marketing" revenue generation.

So this particular idea is something we still need to work out,
however in general, we are considering offering a split of user-content generated revenue, in the following manner:

[big]Content Poster: 90%
Referring User (Inviter): 10%
SimilarWorlds: 0%[/big]
[i](Total Revenue after transaction fees)[/i]

We aren't yet sure whether Referral Earnings should continue at the same rate indefinitely...

or, whether we should Taper-Off referral earnings each year, in order to keep a more balanced platform that doesn't unfairly favor only the earliest adopters.

[b]We also like the idea of contributing some portion of this remaining revenue share to 🎗 Charities Internationally.[/b] 💝
(If we do taper-off referral earnings, we may give the total remaining to charity.)


This post is intended just to bring this idea forward to you, our users,
and to allow us to listen to any feedback and ideas you may have with regards to this particular plan.

Please keep all comments/replies On-Topic, as should respectfully be the case on any user's post.

Kind regards,
[i]-The SW Team[/i]
Andrew · Admin Pinned Comment
[i][u]To clarify:[/u][/i]

[b][u]Nothing[/u] about this site in general (privacy, where your posts appear, the layout, etc) will change with the introduction of this initiative.[/b]

SimilarWorlds [u]Already Profits[/u] from mostly all pages on this website (excluding Adult & Sensitive content pages).

SW already generates revenue from the Ads that appear in user's posts, profiles, etc.

Our idea here, is primarily to begin [u]Giving the Majority of this revenue to the owners[/u] of the particular content pages that the Ads were placed on.

SW already profits in other ways; from Ads placed on non-user generated pages, from VIP sales, etc...
As such, we can continue to earn and grow, while allowing users to also profit from their own content. 👍
@CopperCicada ok.
Then maybe they need an option for any money you generate going to being able to buy VIP , or opting out, or dontating to SW.

I understand that the concept of earning money from something that is 'purely inspired input' can seem crass and unethical.
But surely there can be something positive and good one could do with any money earnt?
Incomplet · 18-21
[c=004A59]Well, where will you send MY Monthly Royalty Check ?
And after Reading this:
[quote][u]Giving the Majority of this revenue to the owners[/u] of the [b]particular content pages[/b] that the Ads were placed on.[/quote]

What will be the "[b]particular content pages[/b]" receiving the Most Revenue? Like, so that I can just Hang Out, Reply and Post Content 12 to 28 Hours a Day and Take In All This Free 🤑 MONEY 💰!!!

Thank You
@Andrew For some of us that wish to remain anonymous and would rather use that for a perk, what do you think about allowing a SW revenue sharing account that once it builds up enough money could be used to purchase time towards VIP for those of us not interested in a check? Just a thought.

Oh god. Similar Worlds influencers.
Wiseacre · F
Sure sounds like it!@SW-User
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@SW-User You are fortunate to be the leader of the pack.
@SW-User 🤣😂🤣
*flicks hair and adds another filter to selfie*😜
PepsiColaP · F
Wow thats actually so awesome , now buy me a house
Bang5luts · M
@PepsiColaP same if I can find someone who thinks I'm interesting ffs
@PepsiColaP excuse me? That is my line. 😤
Cassieeee · 31-35, F
My dream of being paid as an influencer, WILL COME TRUE!
Cassieeee · 31-35, F
@Andromedanian Don't forget to donate... To my wallet, thanks 💁‍♀️
@Cassieeee how do you want to influence? ;p what do you want to influence people to do?
Cassieeee · 31-35, F
@BetweenKittensandRiots I wanna influence people to pay me...
Still waiting🤔😂
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
Good lord I have no idea what to think about this.
Nanori · 31-35, F
@CountScrofula time to show us your pole dancing skills with ur guitar
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
@Nanori Time for you to get some richer simps
K1llYourDumplings · 31-35, F
Great. I delete my super cool (fucking amazing, actually) account, come back as a normal, boring being and this happens.
Time to sell my drama, I guess.

But no, seriously, it's a terrible idea.
Dan193 · 26-30, M
@K1llYourDumplings you think it's just a bluff to boost the user count?
K1llYourDumplings · 31-35, F
@Dan193 hmmmmm I think it may be something they have been/are working on but no, I don't think it's gonna happen in the end
Dan193 · 26-30, M
@K1llYourDumplings aw, let's hope you're wrong
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
I am generally not a fan of this idea. I would rather see such revenue reinvested into site development and improvement such as the long awaited games, or more things to do with our virtual coins.

I cannot speak for everyone, but attaching monetization to an activity I do for enjoyment saps the joy from the activity for me.

Further, I worry the nature of content will worsen over time as people try to engineer catchy subjects and feel pressure to put out content just for the sake of having more content out there for monetization.

If it's the way the site wishes to go I shall wish best of luck in the endeavor but it certainly will not be for me.
Mindful · 51-55, F
@ViciDraco site software development and human development should be prioritized.
To be honest, this is a direction I’m not on board with. My hope is that I can have all my content deleted by the time my VIP runs out in January. I get that change is a good thing but your vision for SW, I believe, is slowly removing the community many came here for originally.

Maybe this old lady just doesn’t get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
@calicuz We already have fake lying 'people' here, and anyone with a brain cell, ought to be able to discern that.
calicuz · 51-55, M
Mindful · 51-55, F
@Pinkstarburst yes, there needs to be major support for those who support meeting the needs of individuals… perhaps. The removal of “ original” titles (albeit not so original) being changed is offensive. THAT alone should be called “categorizing” rather than “changing”…sorry I’m terrible at details. For myself, the site has lost what I loved, and is losing me because I can’t do what I could die when it was EP. (Be creative)
BlueVeins · 22-25
Frankly, I'm not a fan of referral bonuses on principle. It feels like a way of commodifying people's personal relationships. I won't be personally negatively impacted by it though, and I probably won't raise much of a stink, so it doesn't matter a whole lot to me, and I know there's other shit you gotta worry about than my whimsical little philosophical concerns.

The whole monetized content thing does imply that you guys are planning to rapidly grow this website. I mean, if you thought the site would stay the same size as a result, you'd be losing money by doing this. I'm on board with it; I just hope you find a way to insulate the "personal club" nature of SW from whatever content people are gonna be monetizing. I like that I'm able to see the same group of ppl all the time and generally recognize them; I wouldn't like having to scroll past like 10 food bloggers and their fans to get there. Maybe there could be a special section for monetized content on the home ribbon?

I guess what I'm worried that one of this site's core features -- the joy of speaking and being heard -- could be drowned out by more of an up-and-coming feature -- the joy of listening and consuming content. And even after navigating that issue, I hope you can have a way of managing the population swell in a way that's inviting, yet sequesters users off well enough so they can retain a sphere of familiarity around them. So that things can feel small in a good way, so to speak.
Fungirlmmm · 51-55
Very interesting concept and I await further information and plan to think about this further so I can ask more intelligent questions.
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@Fungirlmmm Listen, we are not going to play games with you.😉
Fungirlmmm · 51-55
@JohnnySpot You know you wiill. I will draw you in.
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@Fungirlmmm You paint a pretty picture that I can not resist.
Can we choose to participate or not ? Or is anything we post going forwards subject to being sold to readers outside of SW ? 😳
eMortal · M
@CopperCicada you’re being tracked and ads shown up there mirror your SW posts preferences.
@CopperCicada and I'm wondering why they want to help [b]us[/b] profit when they could keep the money. 🤔
@bijouxbroussard Key questions and my concerns.
MoonlightLullaby · 41-45, F
Meanwhile, peeps are still waiting on a functional feed system...

strongbow · 46-50, M
@MoonlightLullaby ^This^... they keep ignoring that huge problem!
As is so often my response to your news regarding changes: I don't understand.

Also. This site is one of the fun quasi safe places. I can't process money being involved.

I understand that SW makes money, like any other online chat platform.

I sure hope that users will at the least have the option to opt out of this.
Legally... that has the potential to put me in stormy waters because this income would have to be declared - and, if I earn over a certain amount, they can (and will) start stripping back the money I get.

Choosing to donate this money to charity doesn't help, either, because they still consider it to be "extra income" and will penalise me accordingly.
@Viper Yes... any amount will affect me, even a 0.25 cent tea bag.

Even though SW will offer an opt out policy, that will be an admission of guilt for me and I could still be punished by the state for that.

I know that I am required to choose to accept cash whenever there's an option between cash and whatever other benefits I may opt for so I can be taxed and tapered accordingly. The DWP offers no alternative to this.

My country and government could actually start to see SW as work because I get paid for posting - so I would have to severely cut my hours spent here further to comply with the rules that I am obligated to as a carer.

I'm not prepared to be sanctioned or go to jail for SW.
Nuno · Admin
@HootyTheNightOwl Only the money you receive in your bank would be the money you'd have to declare.
It wouldn't make sense that you'd declare money that we sent to charity (without routing through you), or that we never sent to you.

Either way, you can always choose not to participate in this, and all will be fine.
RubySoo · 56-60, F
I dont really understand how it works.
Does it mean.our content will be shared outside of SW?
@RubySoo It seems to be only a concept right now, so maybe that option will be included. But even if a balance will be added to every account, retrieving the money in it has to be optional because you haven't supplied them any payment information so they can't send you any money without you telling them how you'd want to receive it.
RubySoo · 56-60, F
@NerdyPotato i guess. Im not a fan of the idea though......at all.
Fluffybull · F
@RubySoo Agree. Think it's a bit pathetic and desperate, tbh.
Maybe I'm not understanding this, I don't know, but I don't think this is a very good idea. I think it takes away from communication with each other and I don't want to be clicking on ads all day. I also feel that those who make more money and their ads are more popular than others, would distance everyone on SW who tries to make the same amount of money but cannot because they are not as popular. I think this would cause more division and problems, than anything. We simply don't need it. I sure didn't know all the work I put into writing my posts, was making money for you instead of me. You were making profit off of my posts without my permission?
@LadyGrace no. They make money from the site through advertising to us and VIP. But if I understand correctly this would be ads associated with the posts, like on you tube or on our profiles when people visit

I suspect people would have to opt in
@SW-User Thanks for explaining that.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
Hopefully you won't allow the politicals to monetize, once you let that genie out of its lamp you'll never get it back in
calicuz · 51-55, M
I really don't see this working. SW wil be over run with fake profiles and bots designed to do nothing but generate revenue generating material.
If I end up being bombarded with ads I will definitely leave.
SW will lose us genuine users and be left with a dead website
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@calicuz Technology is moving so fast they are two steps ahead.😉
calicuz · 51-55, M

I just don't like it. I just don't want to find a new website again.
I mean, what if they don't like me at the new website?
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@calicuz Just be yourself and you're sure to make some friends.
I loved this when it was EP. Now it is SW and just ain't quite the same. but the one thing I liked was that it was still a safe space from all these ads that you see everywhere all the time being shoved down our throats. I don't have any problem figuring out how to spend my own money without someone else telling me how to. Why would I want to do this to other people? Does anything get better with age these days? I make my money with a job. Nothing worse than trying to read an article and then an ad pops up and blanks it out and breaks my concentration. So I think this is a very bad idea. You can count me out.
Here is something I will add.... it is clearly obvious people are desperate to sell something these days and they act like they don't know why. If you want to sell something to me then get the quality up and get the prices down. I am thoroughly sick of the greed that has destroyed our world.
@IndianaJoes this plan doesn't change where you see ads, only who gets money from ads being clicked where they have always been displayed.
@NerdyPotato this ain't my first rodeo
We are all now well and truly screwed
@SatyrService In the end EP went out with a bang, or, something.
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@SatyrService There's a certain kind of freedom in being totally screwed.
KeyserSoze · 31-35, M
Where’s my money?
KeyserSoze · 31-35, M
Where’s my money man?
Carissimi · 61-69, F
I don’t like this one bit. It will be like YT, where free speech is limited to a certain narrative, and you’ll get demonitized for going against the narrative. Plus, who in earth’s content is worth paying on SW? I feel it will change SW for the worst, and will attract the kind of people you get on Twitter and FB, who are hostile and aggressive. That’s my 2 cents.

Oh, I don’t want paying for having an opinion.
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@Carissimi Content doesn't matter just the fact someone's looking at it.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
Do you mean we will get paid for views? @JohnnySpot
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, MVIP
@Carissimi Yes exactly this. Monetization is the main problem on YouTube too and many creators complain about how it takes away their freedom to post whatever they want. If it doesn't "fit the system" then there will be little point in posting.
Personally, I'd rather get on site benefits, like coins or even better premium membership without having to give you guys my credit card.
@MistyCee that makes sense. Maybe that can be an alternative? I like the option to withdraw it to my bank account or something to spend elsewhere, but if people want to spend it on SW anyway, doing so directly could simplify the process and save both parties some transaction costs.
Djac17 · 22-25, M
Then Imma start the SW politics podcast and we really gonna get things started in here 😏😂
@Djac17 since when have you been an evil genius?
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
Will you sell the rights to my character to Disney? I'll go halves with you
Nanori · 31-35, F
Meanwhile me living in a sanctioned country 🙂
Viper · M
@Nanori [quote]invade us already, dammit![/quote] the country, or your personally 😏 Jk

[quote]Meanwhile me living in a sanctioned country[/quote]*wonders where you live*
Nanori · 31-35, F
@Viper iran
Viper · M
@Nanori Counties haven't done so well invading the middle east countries ... or anywhere really lately 🤔
Personally I'm fine with you guys making the money for your site and us being free users.. after all we are just goofing off and you guys and your staff are doing all the work.. but i think it is very generous of you all to consider paying your members.. i guess you could attract more users if that were an option for some 😬 idk tho.. i think just buying a billboard in a major city or somewhere could also boost membership but idk what yalls budget is or what such a thing even costs
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
@SStarfish I do appreciate you commenting on my stories years ago.
I remember @JohnnySpot
So here's the thing.... people saying they are opting out or worried about their content being used are not looking at the big picture.

Correct me if i am wrong @Andrew but i don't think anything actually changes for us it is just that we will get a share in the revenue that we generate.

The motivation behind this i guess is to generate more posts and more traffic on the site. I do not see a downside.

What would be great is if we can have an option to donate to a charity.
FeetAreFantastic · 41-45, MVIP
@InOtterWords I think what will change is the feed favoring the posts that make the most money. Just like YouTube does. You can still post whatever you want, but if your post isn't monetizable, then few people will get to see it.

But the feed is constantly changing. It is very different to when it started anyway
@FeetAreFantastic the potential revenue is directly related to the number of views though, so showing it in the feed will make it profitable. Furthermore, as SW will be giving away the income from individual posts they won't care which posts are visited. They do get income from feed visits though, so it is in their interest too to make/keep that as active and interesting as possible. If anything, that becomes more important when other pages don't give them the same profit as the feed anymore.
Mindful · 51-55, F
Thank you. I love the idea. I think it is very wise. I appreciate your ability to predict problems and try to circumvent them. I am grateful that you and the team have the mental capacity to help similar worlds move forward as well as compete for its life, and for its community, and I’m each member. I understand as well, some of the “societal” benefits as well. I don’t know what else to call it. On a personal note, Similar worlds, thru it’s members has allowed me to grapple with inner conflicts, and conflicts I experience in life. I have also been able to keep up with changes in others, awareness of changes in perceptions, wisdom, intelligence, and ignorance. I personally will be an ordinary contributor at this time. But it is exciting to see you attempt this unique change and embrace possibilities, regardless if the motivation. Why? I have seen that as a very unique space … for any type of person.
Thank you creators … and ultimately I hope it helps especially in the way it was intended: medical field. Anon posting concept must be kept at the highest level and at least 2% should go towards paid development for software design, because it will always need to be updated, and updated more quickly, with best design available. Some new ideas work and some don’t. Those will change. Recruiters are as important as developers. Although you may be “enlightened” the human condition demands some type of reward for those who are not generating content. But then I only have a birds eye view of society. How will you be able to entice the best of the best engineers to contribute to developing the product beyond what “society” is willing or capable of? If you are thinking charity will keep it going… keep this in mind…. The educational system is supported by community support, but it is on the verge of collapsing because of the isolation of one community from the other. Media is exposing the wealth gap, the intelligence gap, but it is still not generating sufficient intelligent proactive thought. The very same media allows for many who aim to quash out small pockets of intelligence… non violent proactive movements. This can keep bad actors out, but also good ones who are on their own path towards what we hope is personal growth. Sigh. Glad your group, is in the job. I’m grateful to have access to S.W. And I truly appreciate you sharing this with all of us.

Great news. Move forward with out all the solutions, Bunt find a source of income for the very best software and server engineers and tech support that can manage a growing community. We haven’t tapped out society….and it’s changing as rapidly as the weather. So will your needs. You are all pioneers so if you move forward so will your solutions. Personally I am here because the ease, the anonymous nature of the site, and my need to feel connected although I feel alone.
Hope this gets read.wishing you the very best,
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
That's exciting! Thanks for bringing us this news!

So just to be clear, the goal is to pay users for creating original posts, not responding to it? Because, with all due respect, I don't think that one guy who does nothing but insult people on their posts, should earn money for that. 😆
Andrew · Admin
Yes, the creator of the post (Owner/OP) will be paid for any revenue generated directly on that post. 🙂
Not the commenters or viewers of that post.
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
@Andrew That's a good idea!
Heartlander · 80-89, M
@Andrew So ... like with content providers on (so called) news sites, like Yahoo? Except content providers here would be the individual members that start a post, and the replies would not count as content? Great idea. The only "but," would be that great replies would go unrewarded and that may give good reason to not be as enthusiastic about replying to what others say.
Viper · M
I love the idea of being able to actually earn real awards (like I've been saying, users should be able to buy VIP with SW coins)...

But, I feel like going to this extreme is basically going to kill the SW that we used to love...

I mean... why would I keep this profile? Or why would anyone be real if money is the goal?

I'm going to dump this profile and start brand new with a sexy female profile, so that I get paid better!

I mean, the idea isn't bad... but it's just not SW that we know anymore... it's a brand new website with different goals and different reasons to be wary of people...

I sorta think the admin should consider making that it's a brand new website... and have two different websites. And leave this one as it is... or maybe even taking it back a bit, when people liked it better.

But it sounds like a good idea... just that we have to lose the place that we used to love... then again, it feels like it's mostly gone now anyways...

Just my thoughts.
Im finally gonna get that Porsche I've always wanted. 🤣
elafina · 36-40, F
@Andrew do you hope to stop us from creating nonsensical posts...?? 🥺
@calicuz I don't see anything like that in the plan explained here. You'd have to arrange a sponsorship deal for that yourself then, which you can do regardless of this feature but would be against the ToS.
calicuz · 51-55, M

I'm not sure how they plan to generate more revenue to share with the members.🤷‍♂️
@calicuz They aren't planning to generate more revenue. They plan to share some of the revenue they already make.
Miklee02 · 51-55, F
As long as we have the option to opt in or opt out
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
It seems everything is in the details so I can't say if I am for it or not.

Yet I can say that you should be looking into vastly improving the editing options. This suggestion I already have given with @Nuno and he did attempt to work on this a bit. Sad that it didn't work out on the trail run. Yet it still those changes are needed for this to work.

Some things to consider on the editing bar for this.

° already mentioned different Unicode fonts I believe.

° already mentioned a floating editing bar

° placement of text perhaps via some kind of predestined style sheet. This was on a few sites yet didn't work out.

° if you want content then you better increase the max post length

° clickable links! As is this isn't possible. Yet it is need for references to other articles as well as for any kind of index.

Definitely need more details on how this would work.

Note: as much as I despise google, you might consider Google pay as a payment option yet that's what I mean by details. Give lots of payment options though.

While I have attempted to make certain of my posts more informative as well as entertaining, my profile views actually would put me out of the this project despite my indexing and formatting efforts.

In this light of lack of profile views for many, you might consider some ways to increase viewer profile count that are apart of this project.

Subject tags might help a bit on profiles.
@DeWayfarer exactly

If they allow payment only in Bitcoin a lot of people might not be very comfortable with it. Google pay is much better
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Andrew [quote]Content Poster: 90%
Referring User (Inviter): 10%
SimilarWorlds: 0%
(Total Revenue after transaction fees)

We aren't yet sure whether Referral Earnings should continue at the same rate indefinitely...[/quote]

Question regarding this.

Would links on other sites to your profile count as a referral?

I actually have such a link to my profile here on Reddit. Yet I'm might be tempted to provide links to my post on here.
deadteddy · 26-30, F
I think this might be an interesting idea. As long as users get to keep their anonymity status , and interact with their so called friends 😏, I don’t have an issue with this. People complaining like they were shareholders of this website 🙄.
I would like at least a month notice if this definitely goes forward as I would be inclined to remove all of my posts and photos and delete my profile. I do not wish to prostitute myself for pennies.
Nuno · Admin
@istillhaveanameitsrick If you don't want to monetize with your posts, you can simply not opt-in for this feature, and everything will stay the same as is now, for you.
Can you imagine writing a thought provoking piece worthy of a Pulitzer…
And your account gets flagged into restriction by a handful of petty users..

No money for you…
I don’t understand how anything I post could be monetized. I don’t post about products or services.
JohnnySpot · 56-60, M
People who can afford to advertise want to sponsor you. @CopperCicada
@JohnnySpot Nobody wants to sponsor anything I am creating.
Miram · 31-35, F
I still have to think about this stuff in more details to form an opinion.

I would like the option to give someone else the ability to earn from my own pages. Hopefully it is not against the TOS. Because there would be plenty members here who need the money more than me.

Also people might start creating too many accounts to earn more. Just thought not necessarily that I would disagree with their actions if they need it. But nobody likes dealing with too many active alts after blocking one of them.
Nuno · Admin
@Miram Creating more accounts shouldn't help in getting more money. It's not about quantity, but more about quality. Low effort short posts don't really earn much at all, as they "die" quickly and most of those don't even get any ads due to low content.
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
I know that I DON’T want this for myself....I want to be pretty much left alone, I don’t want to make any money from the site.
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@DragonFruit I Agree the same I like using it for free
OldBrit · 61-69, M
Instant reaction is Yuck!

It'll mean more vacuous content. Less community feeling and end up like tiktok et al
carpediem · 61-69, M
So this is a move to increase content. Better content drives more ad revenue? I hope it works for you. Seems to have worked for YouTube. But this isn’t the same level of content. I don’t know what your P&L looks like, but I feel for you guys. You have lots of time into the place and it can’t be producing the revenue stream you originally hoped for. Yet.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@carpediem I imagine there are a lot of social media sites that want to be as big as the ones on top.

My question though is - who on here even posts anything worthy of getting paid for?
carpediem · 61-69, M
@SilkenMist Excellent point. It’s going to be an uphill battle
y’all ain’t never gonna hear me stfu again
@pillowprincess you’re really itching for a fight ain’t you
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@Andrew Can you create A,Live Stream on SW
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SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@calicuz quit crushing John's dreams of being an SW icon.
calicuz · 51-55, M

No one, can crush that dream.🤣
DrWatson · 70-79, M
I worry about the "spammy" effect. If I post something about a skin care cream that I find helpful, and that generates an ad, will I be tempted to post daily about skin care products, just to generate more revenue for myself?

I would not, but others in the same situation might.
@DrWatson Advertising products like that is reportable - and admin can and do take obvious ads down.

It has to be more than "I am sick", "Oh dear, try this medicine, it really helped me to feel better" though.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@DrWatson I think if people started doing that, the blocks on here would increase in numbers unimagined.
I am very slow to block anyone but when it comes to certain ones like spammers, I do not dea with it.
In the words of Dave Chappell
"Im rich, *itch"
@checkoutanytime Yes! Just watch the .00001¢ents start rolling in.
Harmonium1923 · 51-55, M
I don’t like the concept. I’m not here to make money. I’m here to engage with real and interesting people. I worry this change will attract fake accounts through referrals and change the nature of what people list because they are trying to generate revenue for themselves instead of connect with friends. I’m happy to have SW make money if it makes the site sustainable.
Tracos · 51-55, M
I hereby donate any proceeds my postings may generate to SW and/or any charity SW may choose to donate to provided said charities are not political in nature
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Tracos the first two are very politicized. Not familiar with the third.

Any organization that attempts to change a society by introducing their ideology is a political organization.
Tracos · 51-55, M
@DeWayfarer I'm personally very familiar with the ICRC and they really are not political (although I can imagine they are sometimes made out different for all kinds of reasons)
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@Tracos I won't go into conspiracy theories yet your ICRC is a front for other national agencies.

It's why certain dictatorships won't have anything to do with the ICRC.
I want a title and salary😔.
eMortal · M
@DarlingSelah Director of Selah’s activities. $250k/month 😁

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