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Planned Network Maintenance in our Data Center

Hello, 馃殌

[b][c=BF0000]UPDATE: This maintenance is now completed.[/c][/b]

We'd like to let you know that scheduled network maintenance in our data center will take place [b]Wednesday, November 24, at 2:00 AM EST | 07:00 UTC[/b].

This maintenance will take up to 3 hours, and [u]may cause up to 10 minutes of glitchy functionality[/u] on Similar Worlds, namely [b][u]Photo/Image Uploading[/u][/b].

We are hoping to have minimal disruption, but we want to let you know in case you wonder why SW may be down or not working properly 馃槉馃憤

Have a great day
-SW Team
Miram26-30, F
Miram's update;

[image deleted]

Garlic cheese potatoes pie. Lots cheese and too yummy.

You are welcome
Notsimilar26-30, F
[@542305,Miram] oooh I need that recipe. 馃憖
MissGaga31-35, F
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] Could not have been said better.. I was just about to respond 馃ズ馃
TheGoodGuy36-40, M
[@542305,Miram] Whoa. That looks so good
So the site will run as normal then 馃
braveheart2161-69, M
Certainly cant be any worse..... Can it 馃馃[@412438,ExtremeNext]
[@569110,braveheart21] 鉁岋笍鉁岋笍
braveheart2161-69, M
helenS31-35, F
[b]This is outrageous!![/b] 馃が
Never have I seen anything like this, on any other site! SW is going to the dogs. The death knell is ringing. Members are leaving by the millions.

[@6602,helenS] I agree i just wish there could have been an alternative feed to see this message
mrlopez26-30, M
im just here to see the over dramatic ridiculously complains 馃憖
Leggs46-50, F
[@1161949,mrlopez] They are gonna add a "double downvote" button. The sh^t is gonna hit the fan like a grenade explosion.
SledgeHammer46-50, M
[@1073121,Leggs] I got a downvote. Gave one back. Is that a double? 馃き
Marlion26-30, F
But what am I suppose to do instead?
[@5288,Marlion] It's too stressful to even think about
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
Oh no! That's going to disrupt the number of nude 50+ year old men I'm going to see today! 馃ぃ

But seriously, only uploading? That's not too bad.
It's happening. The second wave of the planned-edit. Stay vigilant guys
Leggs46-50, F
[@607935,HijabaDabbaDoo] Is this one gonna be worse than the first? Will the unevacuated get hit harder?

The other social medias might become filled to capacity.
Dlrannie31-35, F
Oh no not more non improvement improvements 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍鈽癸笍鈽癸笍
[@324037,Dlrannie] 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槝馃槝
trackboy22-25, M
are they changing out the vacuum tubes their computer runs on?? lots of vacuum tubes to test to find the ones that are going bad from either low emission or grid leakage caused by a vacuum leak? 馃
trackboy22-25, M
[@1073121,Leggs] transistors allow for frequency response down to dc. while tubes have to use coupling transformers and they roll off the low frequencies due to really low frequencies not passing from one side to the other side of the transformer. and the highs tend to get absorbed by the laminated iron core. I'm ready for Thanksgiving dinner. 馃
Leggs46-50, F
[@487102,trackboy] All my receivers are without tubes. The oldest one, which I use in my main system, is a Pioneer SX-60 which was built in 1984. The volume control sometimes has issues but is then fine after cleaning and dexoit'ing.

I am not sure why some thing a tube amp, with it's highs and lows limitations, sounds better. They could use a transistor-driven amp and connect an equalizer. EQ's add only minimal, unnoticeable distortion.

I know some do not like to mess with the integrity of the sound though.
They say they want to hear it as the sound engineers intended. Okay, what about when the sound is brick-walled to the point of distortion? Not that anything can fix that really.
trackboy22-25, M
[@1073121,Leggs] the tube purists talk about the warm sound. but that is because of the lack of highs due to the laminated iron cores absorbing the higher frequencies. you need a ferrite core for high frequencies that's why radio frequency transformers use a ferrite core.馃樅
marriedmanforfriends46-50, M
Thank you for the consideration and notice
GunFinger41-45, F
Thank you for letting us know, Nuno.馃槉
KiwiBird31-35, F
Thank you for the notification. Nuno.
SledgeHammer46-50, M
Thanks for the heads up [@2,Nuno]
Extant26-30, M
So in about 10 minutes? Checking due to unfamiliarity with UTC and EST
[@1242639,Extant] Yep
AussieShenanigans36-40, M
Wednesday, November 24, at 2:00 AM EST | 07:00 UTC

Adding glitch to the glitchy, disruption to the disruptive 馃. Always makes sense.
Toepatrol26-30, M
Oh gawd no, no access to money now no access to SW?! 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
[@645510,Longpatrol] Access to SW should not be affected, as I mentioned above.
Toepatrol26-30, M
[@2,Nuno] Sorry Nuno, I don't read or understand English. I joke 馃槀
Oh my gosh i'm going to be really upset about that 馃槬馃槬馃槬
Is this for another new feature? 馃榿
Thank you for updating us. 馃槆
YMITheWayIM41-45, M
Curvyvixen31-35, F
Ok. Noted
[@609293,RogueLoner] We never said we're changing/fixing Photo uploading. This was a [b]Network maintenance[/b], not functionality maintenance. And this network maintenance affected the Photo uploading.

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