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MORE Constabulary madness...yes,again

The cops found 12 bottles of whiskey in a cardboard box. They don’t know the owner but are diligently working on the case. 🥃

Police arrested a man for stealing torches. The judge gave him a light sentence.⚖️

Why did the barista call the cops? He was mugged.

I was pulled over by the police he said “papers” so I said “scissors! I win!” Then sped off. He must want a rematch he’s been chasing me for half an hour!

Someone swiped the wheels off all the local PD's squad cars. Police are searching tirelessly for the perp.

A truckload of viagra was stolen. Police are looking for hardened criminals.⬆️

The police are interrogating a mime, but he’s not talking......

Someone stole the toilet bowls from the police station. Detectives have nothing to go on.
bookerdana · M
@NerdyPotato Have the jails and donut shops shut down 🤨
Quimliqer · 70-79, M
Love these!!
bookerdana · M
@Quimliqer Thanks!🙂
bookerdana · M
@valobasa4ever ohhhhh,champers👀

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