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After the last post i know your morons; attempt to redeem yourselves.

Answer this question:

If jesus existed; what was his mission?
Justenjoyit56-60, M Best Comment
Personally I think Jesus lived, he showed people if you think positive and do positive things, then hopefully you receive positive energies back.
I think his popularity made the Roman's fear him, so they just killed him. The rest is just a fairly tale story for people to gain power and money 馃憤
@Justenjoyit 馃憖 so then your saying a govt saw a threat to their power and crucified him? Am I understanding you correctly
Justenjoyit56-60, M
@Jdanielb Something like that.

If you鈥檙e a 鈥渕editation master鈥 like you claim, I鈥檓 really shocked to see you spending your energy on something like this. Definitely not good vibrations, but you do you!
@SW-User oh.. I know how to use what I know.. I'm super human by your standards..

You need to be picturing a 315lb lion playing with a mouse. Then you'll understand my purpose here
@Jdanielb haha, you鈥檙e funny. Have a good day though :) sending you good vibrations only - you need it!
@Bushmanoz hmm interesting
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
Bro you used the wrong form of [i]you're.[/i]
@BlueMetalChick my mind is fluid and you knew what I meant.. I'm not bound to your restrictions..

I know English I choose not be proper in the language of mankind's enslavement..
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@Jdanielb It's force of habit. Learning English as a second language has made me a stickler for it.
@BlueMetalChick English isnt my mission .. I hate syn tacks.. I misuse your and here and their constantly because it means nothing.
basilfawlty8931-35, M
Have you ever considered taking an antipsychotic? Because your posts seem like you're on a manic trip.
@basilfawlty89 hmmm intersting
Justenjoyit56-60, M
Thank you for Best Comment 馃憤

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