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Funny how FOX News is suddenly interested in freedom of the press...

...could it be something to do with the billion dollar lawsuit hanging over them?馃き
Freedom for [b]them[/b] to libel people with impunity鈥攚hile suing anyone who says something [b]they[/b] don鈥檛 like. That鈥檚 how it works.
Funny how Fox got caught lying. Were responsible for spreading disinformation that helped fuel an insurrection. Then got sued for billions. So much that if they were forced to pay it would shut down their propaganda station. BUT they are still lying, they are still supporting Trump.
@waterthefields In their defence Tucker says it's what the viewers want and if they start telling the truth the viewers will tune in to Newsmax or some other rightwing propaganda station. So it's not Tucker's fault he lied everyday for years. It's the viewer's fault.
@Pitchblue Agreed. Therefore, let鈥檚 not pretend he鈥檚 a journalist: he鈥檚 an entertainer.
spjennifer56-60, T
@waterthefields And not a very good one at that! 馃お
They've always believed in "freedom." As long as it's the right kind of freedom. The kind that doesn't apply to everyone. And with the Smartmatic lawsuit, which has been flying under the radar, Fox is looking at over $4 Billion if they lose. And from what I've read, that's a very distinct possibility. That'll sting.
Hardly. The left believes they can deny the first amendment rights of Americans by filing lawsuits?
@TexChik Dominion are not 鈥渢he left鈥. Or are you one of those grown adults who believes that somehow the vote was manipulated specifically to deny Trump from winning? If you are, then block me immediately because I don鈥檛 talk to tin-foil turds like you
@waterthefields Dominion is a tool of the CIA (a leftist organization) used to change elections throughout Central America for years. Their server that held our election numbers was located in Frankfurt, Germany, clearly violating US election laws. Their server was supposed to be secure, yet it was found to have been hacked. If you are one of those grown adults that claim America wanted the Biden Crime Family shit show over a strong economy and secure borders you are one of those socialist walking talking piece of shit liars and deniers.
Only thing worth watching on fox is gutfeild
And that鈥檚 repetitive..
Laura ingle is hannity in a wig!
Change my mind..
Idk how they can take themselves seriously lol
"This is a threat to our democracy" alternative is anything but free press.
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
The freedom to lie is a very dear belief for them.
tk999941-45, M
That whole news channel should be labeled as satire
@tk9999 It's not satire it's a propaganda organization, it's an extention of the Republican Party.

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