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Didn't feminists hate Barbie at one point?

I remember when I was a kid/preteen I heard some arguments about it.

But now a lot of conservatives hate it?

I'm not bashing on anyones viewpoint, I'm just amused at how the tables can turn 馃槀
Yes, bc the Barbie physical figure can be pretty problematic for body image ideals. So being against something that enforces toxic standards makes sense.

And now that the brand is being inclusive to things like LGBTQ, it makes sense conservatives will not like it
Fishy31-35, F
I haven't seen the movie,
but from the trailers, isn't the main Barbie character still a blond white woman with the trad wife beauty standards? (the standard that's deemed toxic?)
@Fishy yes


The brand can be lauded by feminists for going after toxic masculinity and the patriarchy and being pro LGBTQ(which is making conservatives hate it) [i]while[/i] still falling short of rectifying long standing issues that have been a big part of women's beauty standards, etc
Patriot9656-60, C
I dont think conservatives give a damn
Elessar26-30, M
@Fishy Yeah I mean the guy is famous for his self owns so I'm not expecting him to be bright enough to understand that he's doing the opposite of what he probably wants to achieve with that vid. Let alone the fact that many now want to see the movie just because he and his audience had a meltdown 馃槄
Fishy31-35, F

[quote]There isn't a single other side opposing modern day conservatism.

Really tho? I've seen streamers rant for hours about certain things lol
Elessar26-30, M
@Fishy I mean, politically speaking, yes. The impression you get that everything is a matter of two sides eternally fighting each-others come from the fact that the media we consume is mostly American or British, and due to the archaic voting system (first past the post, or for simplicity FPTP) in place in both countries everything is reduced to a matter of "[i]party #1[/i]" vs "[i]party #2[/i]". But even in those countries the number of different ideologies is far greater than two, lol.
Why are grown ass men moaning about it..
bit creepy they went and watched it at all 馃槕
Fishy31-35, F

Grown @ss men groaned while watching My Little Pony, too 馃
AuRevoir36-40, M
@Fishy uhmmm correction! It was my little Pony 2! With a capital numeric symbol! Okay! And it did no justice to the original films core concepts, which held true to the cardinal rules of the my little pony fandom!!

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