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Suggestion on how to meet new people

So I work basically 7 days a week, every week. Would like to meet new people possible new friends or a special someone hopefully. Any suggestions?
funtravler · 36-40, F
You picked the right profile pic!!!
Elisbch · M
You might look into "Meetup" website and they also have an app. If there are things going on in your area, you should be able to find them. You can meet people while having fun doing different likes/things together as a group. PM me if you wish.
djjohnson · 41-45, M
develop a hobby that requires being around other people. Pick one that has the type of people you'd like to be around. Things will happen naturally that way. Aside from that it's all down to happenstance.
PunkRockSuperStar · 56-60, MNew
I've had the same difficulty with meeting people and making friends for a long time. Unfortunately, I think social media and mobile phones are making loneliness and social isolation so much worse. Everybody's constantly talking so much about themselves that they have no time for anyone else. People are obviously becoming much more self-obsessed and narcissistic.

What worked best for me in making friends was joining a band. That way, people came and spoke to me, and I didn't have to overcome the hurdle of introducing myself to them when I felt I'd be intruding. But I know that's not an option for most people. Perhaps, if you like music, you could go and see a musician or band that's playing locally? That way, you'd be amongst people who are there for the same reason, and you'd have something in common with them?
Tahr two days off! If you can’t and you can’t meet people at work then find a club or hobby that meets once ir twice a week to meet like minded people
A great thing is meetup app. They have thousands of events in N.A.
Some are in person and maybe some online still.

Input your city and interests, and voila!
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
Usually it’s people from work if you work so much. Outside that, dating apps are an option but that can get frustrating in a hurry.
Ferric67 · M
I work a lot too, it's very difficult to have a social life when you work as much as I do
Fawma123 · 46-50, M
With tits like that and you can't make friends
@Fawma123 That's a sexist thing to say.
in10RjFox · M
New people are everywhere. Online may not suit you since you have limited time in a day. So you need to go out every evening and act in such a way to pick up a conversation with guys .. and just let nature take its course.

And you can soon find the special someone who will come over to pick you up every evening.
Ontheroad · M
Basically you have to find a way to get out and do things... almost anything where you can be among others. It's hard to so if you work that much, but you need to find a way to get out and laugh and mingle.

You are young - just get out there and be approachable and you will soon have friends to hang out with.
spice1 · M
First of all get offline and go out don't even bother with trying to meet someone online, I know it's hard because of your work I know I was like that years ago, my best suggestion is to go out to clubs or bars when the time permits or events like festivals.
Dating apps and such are good. Hobby apps, if there are any which I would think there are. But real world places too. Say you like to read, stop by a library or bookstore after work at least every once and a while.
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
I recommend Meetup! It's an app that holds a bunch of social events that you can join in on. It's a great way to spend a day outside of the usual loop.
Well first you should show your breasts on your pfp ..... that will attract quality people for sure
techkb52 · 70-79, M
I like to chat here, are you interested? Love your pics.
Bill1372 · 51-55, M
You have to set a day aside… you need a day to decompress
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
I say work less. How are u going to meet them if u are all was at work
SalttyDawg · 70-79, M
Well you definitely have great assets to meet a lot of guy 😉😛
The usual dating apps - Tinder, Bumble etc
Guardian · 56-60, M
This place is probably as good as any to meet online
Bill1372 · 51-55, M
Sounds like you can only meet a coworker
Barebum61 · 61-69, M
Go to a bar ,see what happens
SalttyDawg · 70-79, M
I been pretty lucky at Star Bucks 😁
Vetman · 46-50, M
Go to church
Max41 · 26-30, M
travelguy01 · 41-45, M

Facebook Dating

Fetlife (maybe?)


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