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I Am a Raw Vegan

Well I've managed to stay raw for a month now. I kinda stopped craving cooked food but I'm not fully accustomed to this lifestyle yet (it's hard to go to the farmers market every day and drag all those fruits and vegetables back home). I hope I'll stick to it for at least three more months. It will definitely be a good experience and I'm already experiencing detoxification even though I was eating clean before. I definitely recommend it because it transforms your health and it has effect on your mood as well!
Even just after going vegetarian for a period of time i felt happier, healthier and had more energy. Maybe think about growing your own stuff in the longterm?.
Originalme · 26-30, F
When I went vegan I felt an immediate change in both my physical and psychological health. I felt lighter happier and more connected to everything that surrounds me,I also felt more relaxed because I knew I wasn't contributing to the suffering of animals or environmental problems. At first I didn't pay attention to the health aspect of it but after a while I became more conscious of what I was eating. I was eating cooked food but I wasn't using oil in my cooking,just a whole foods vegan diet. I like to experiment so I've decided to give raw veganism a try. I've tried to do it before but I only lasted for one or two weeks. I just hope I won't fail again!

I'm not in a position to grow my own fruit and vegetables at the moment but I would really like to be able to do that in the future. What about yourself?
Sepia · 36-40, F
Good amounts of fiber doesn't mean you got to make a frequent gym visit
GlassDog · 41-45, M
When I was a vegan, it was largely raw too (although not entirely). I don't know if it'll be the same for you but, after a while I felt very pure inside. I want to say "clean" but that's the wrong word. I just didn't feel laid low by my food any more. I'm still a vegetarian, because I found veganism very difficult.
Originalme · 26-30, F
I completely understand what you mean. I've experienced the same thing after I transitioned to plant based diet. I don't know if that's just my subconscious mind playing games with me or if it was a legitimate feeling. I'm not sure if you can relate to this but I feel like if I ate meat that I wouldn't be able to digest it and that it would taste disgusting to me. 🙂
Memetic · 56-60, F
Cause I can 😝
Originalme · 26-30, F
Once again very mature for a woman your age.
diablo · 46-50, M
Block that troll. I did and seriously doubt he is a she.
I think it is too hard to get all of the essential amino acids, in the necessary quantities, on vegan diets. Every friend I have had that went vegan loved it and felt better for three months, and then their bodies started to get sicker and sicker and sicker because of the amino acid problem. I am not saying it cannot be done, but only one in 20 vegans figures out how to do it and most of the rest get very sickly.
VAMPFREAKZ69 · 46-50, M
LOL AT " raw veganism " is that even a word doesn't even exist LOL
VAMPFREAKZ69 · 46-50, M
And this is the whole raw veganism route:

Raw veganism is a diet that combines the concepts of veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48 °C (118 °F).[1] A raw vegan diet includes raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut pastes, grain and legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and fresh juices. There are many different versions of the diet, including fruitarianism, juicearianism, and sproutarianism.
VAMPFREAKZ69 · 46-50, M
Everybody who's new to this and trying to get into raw veganism here u go read it understand it and try it do not be afraid of trying new things as far as healthy body you dirty-minded little bastards I know what you thought I was going to say LOL I said raw vaginism by mistake Anne says in The Rock's voice don't judge me yes I said it by mistake and here is the link:
Originalme · 26-30, F
Yes,there are a lot of categories when it comes to vegan and vegetarian diets. In the raw community there is 80/10/10 people who eat 80% of carbs 10 % protein 10% fat. Fat is kind of demonized and you can rarely see raw foodists using oil in their ''cooking''. There are also raw till 4 people who eat raw food till 4 o'clock and then they'd have a cooked dinner afterwards. As you mentioned there are also people who incorporate juices into their diet,they would go on a juice fast for a long periods of time as a way to detox their bodies. There are also people who do water fasts and dry fasts. There are all sorts of different categories,I however don't like to label myself. I just try to eat raw food but I eat what my body craves. Intuitive eating if I can call it that. Lately I've been eating a lot of watermelons,grapes,apricots,peaches and tomatoes.
FurryFace · 61-69, M
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