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Peeling Hard Boiled Fresh Eggs

Having chickens and ducks, one of the big demoralizing things was having to buy eggs at a store if we needed to hard boil for deviled eggs or the like. Peeling farm fresh eggs has been rough. We tried all the tricks regarding baking soda and ice baths and poking a pin inside. Nothing really helped.

But today I found a new tip and it worked beautifully. The tip?

Don't boil. Steam. You get the same result in the egg itself. If anything, they seem more resistant to going green from overcooking. But they peel so much easier! I don't understand why everyone isn't steaming instead of hard boiling!
TrashCat · M
You are 100% correct. There is more to it than that but its easy:
1 get the water boiling first
2 then put the egs in a steamer basket and put above water
3 steam for exactly 13 minutes
4 remove and submerse in an ice cold bath to stop the cooking

Easy peasy
Scribbles · 31-35, F
Peeling a difficult egg never bothered me, I enjoy the process. but I agree that steam cooked eggs peel easier. I also prefer steaming because I prefer soft boiled eggs, and steaming always seems to do a better job then boiling. They also have nice little electric plug in egg steamers with a built in timer. Love it!
LunarOrbit · 56-60, M
I found the same when I had chickens. Hard to peel. But then I used a tablespoon or two of salt in the water and that seemed to help.

I gotta try steaming eggs now. Never thought of that
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
I noticed that too. Been suggesti g it for years. Can also do a lot more eggs at once.
Peeling them under running water, or in a bowl of water makes light work of it
Also, giving them a roll under your palm l, (on a hard surface) l, to crack the shell first helps.
And yep, I use this on fresh googie eggs from a friend, and it works just as well as store bought.

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