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Buy one pan or a whole set?

So lately I've been having fun and games with my cooking, food sticking to the pan even though it's non-stick so it's kind of old obviously and it's crowned in the middle.

So I'm kind of debating buying a new set or should I just buy one or two pans and maybe 20 bucks for them, or go out and spend the $50 to buy a big set?

(I'll go Sunday morning to shop)
{@disgustedman] 馃suppose it is a case of weighing up your options and see how it pans out lol
Disgustedman61-69, M
To all you wonderful people who responded I went out and just simply bought three pans instead of a whole collection they will get me by until I moved my new location and get a real nifty set. Thanks again for your comments observation and assistance good day!
I say whole set so you have some spare pans.

novaguy2u70-79, M
It's better to spend a little more on a single pan than buying a cheap set. A 26" saute pan covers most requirements. The new non-stick surfaces can cope with metal cooking tools, but you won't get those cheaply.
Disgustedman61-69, M
@novaguy2u errrr. I said cooking pan, not a bed warmer!! 26"????

But I did get a small 6 in pan for my eggs in the morning a larger dish which I just did stir fry in, plastic utensils thank you, and a griddle, I want to have pancakes!!!
I鈥檝e used the same ole wal mart bought one for the past 20 years .. add more butter lol
Patientlywaiting46-50, F
What sticks the most? You could replace the pans that stick. Ceramic pans are good.
MarineBob56-60, M
At our ages the lifetime warranty of as seen on tv will last us
I personally would just get a couple of really good ones.

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