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Any coffee place anywhere

Two of my favorite drinks are really basic and extremely hard to get.

Every coffee joint anywhere:

Me: can i get a coffee please
Other: sure, what kind?
Me: Coffee
Other: like the kind that drips?
Me: i guess so?? I dunno however you make it.
Other: We don't actually have that here but we can do Americano if you like.
Me: sure hot and black please.
Other: no problem would you like any cream or sugar in that any flavoring?
Me: 馃檭

Every Coffee joint anywhere:

Me: Hi do you all serve hot brewed tea?
Other: Sure, what kind would you like?
Me: Chai tea please

Procedes to charge me for a chai tea latte and procedes to brings me a chai tea latte.

Me: excuse me this isnt right?
Other: didnt you order the chai tea latte?
Me: No ma'am i wanted just a chai tea. Just tea bag and hot water.
Other: oh sorry about that.

Proceeds to bring the right drink without adjusting the cost because a latte is double the price of a normal brewed tea.
I can find plain chai tea and plain coffee where I live, but I can relate. It's getting harder to find. At the bakery nearby, the menu options are full of lattes and flavored this and that. It's hard to see plain tea or coffee among all the other stuff. At least, if I say to the server, I'd like a medium hot coffee, cream and no sugar, that's what I'll get.
@DiabolicalBear Technically, they're all coffee products. I love espresso myself but would be annoyed if a server gave me that when I asked for plain dark roast. The choices are great, but we need a bit less confusion about them. Training the servers properly to care about the customer, instead of trying to make a sale, is key.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@SW-User they all have their individual names though. And since we threw the tea in the ocean we called this one product coffee without confusion.its the last 15 years that confusion had been introduced.
@DiabolicalBear Confusion has been around since the dawn of time. 馃槄 I think you mean they only just threw it into the coffee (instead of cream or milk) in the past 15 years.
thisguy2041-45, M
After reading this I suppose I am lucky that a few local gas stations, a deli, a diner, and a restaurant still have real (i.e. regular) coffee and tea (and actually charge normal prices). The diner and restaurant even offer free refills!!!!
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@thisguy20 im from the state this nonesence began but believe me its coming for you and your kids too.
thisguy2041-45, M
@DiabolicalBear It is definitely getting worse, not better. I think the main reason I'm lucky in that regard is that there are a truly shocking number of places which serve / sell / offer coffee and tea in a rather small geographic area and the particular places I mentioned are keeping real coffee and tea as a way to stand out from the crowd; and in the case of the deli it gives the owner another way / reason to tell difficult customers to leave.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@thisguy20 some people drink these fancy drinks 2 or 3 times a day. All the artificial sweeteners and sugars will be their death.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@ArtieKat your " "" " are off. It should say "hot brewed tea" which is different than a latte. They offer both drinks. So i picked my drink per how it is written on the menu then i picked my flavor. They dont even make chai tea latte with a tea bag its a pre made mix they have. Im glad i never ordered from you, because it sounds like you would make the same mistakes by not listening and your emotional response to a light hearted story shows your emotional maturity isn't very high especially since you would offer the worst products to a customer trying to get a drink they enjoy.

Now im including pictures for reference because it is a hard concept but you can take one of these sachets pour hot water over it steep it and you have a delious chai tea

[image deleted]

Just tea bag and hot water really easy stuff here guy.
bugeye26-30, F
as a starbucks employee i can easily blame the servers on these ones.

- if you just ask for a coffee im gonna ask you filter coffee or espresso shot coffee. filter comes from the machine and espresso is an americano on the system. will also offer milk.

- if you ask chai tea i will ask if its the latte. yes then chai tea latte it is. no then its the tea bag.

the problem is either not asking clarifying questions or not repeating back the order.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@bugeye no i specifically ask for a "brewed hot tea" first and they say sure then ask me my flavor. Then i say "chai." I asked them how to ask for the drink i want without confusion and they told me if i ask for a "brewed" tea they would know, unfortunately it still hasnt helped.
Canuckle51-55, M
I can relate. The main reason Timmies is my favourite coffee house. I know what I鈥檓 going to get.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@Canuckle lol they grow mold? This isn't a very healthy way to do things 馃ぃ
Canuckle51-55, M
@DiabolicalBear it鈥檚 see through theirs no mold. 馃槀
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@Canuckle well thats good. But i still won't be having his coffee.
I'm glad I never had you as a customer. "Chai tea" is a very special way of making tea and is always milky. As for coffee, perhaps they should have just served you crap instant instead of offering you a choice.
Chai Tea Schmai Tea !
Jeephikelove46-50, F
They always get my name wrong.
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@V00doo you totals should
@DiabolicalBear I'll try it tomorrow
DiabolicalBear31-35, M
@V00doo let me know how it goes!

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