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whats your favorite kinda chocolate? (taste wise not whether its good for you or not)

milk chocolate
dark chocolate
white chocolate
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mines milk chocolate. but i absolutely [i]despise[/i] dark chocolate
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
Dark. Really dislike white chocolate in the vast majority of cases.
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
[@492526,Haileygamer099] Them taste buds is formed by genes. :P Either way, interesting it tastes so different to you.
[@484088,UndeadPrivateer] taste buds change every 10 days you know, most are things you dont even know about and its usually small changes, but some are big changes.
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
[@492526,Haileygamer099] Indeed I did, they're one of the faster regenerating parts of your body. Still formed based on genetic blueprints and altered by epigenetic switches. Human biology is mighty fascinating stuff.
Dale321 · M
I dont like white chocolate at all.
[@34944,Dale321] whaaat? white chocolate is ok
LadyGrace · 70-79
I do not like dark chocolate at all. I like Hershey's and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
[@417971,LadyGrace] Oh man, if peanut butter cups count as their own category of chocolate my vote goes for those. 🤤
[@484088,UndeadPrivateer] lol
anna3trocity · 41-45, F
[@622662,anna3trocity] whyyyy
anna3trocity · 41-45, F
Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate Although milk chocolate may taste great, it's not nearly as good for you as dark chocolate is. This is because milk chocolate contains less of the original cocoa bean than dark chocolate does. Although milk chocolate does contain cocoa solids, it's often diluted with the addition of milk solids, sugar, and cream. Since milk chocolate does contain some cocoa solids though, its not completely void of all nutrition; however, the nutritional quality is minimal in comparison with dark chocolate, which typically has more of the original cocoa present. This is important because the more cocoa that is present, the higher the nutritional quality. Cocoa is a fabulous source of flavonoids, a special class of antioxidants that are the primary reason chocolate is now considered to be a good-for-you treat.
[@622662,anna3trocity] no im talking about taste wise not if its good for you, i know dark chocolate is better for you. but i mean taste wise
Deadcutie · 16-17, F
Hershies milk chocolate with almonds
[@526516,Deadcutie] mmm that is good
pentacorn · F
can not stand white chocolate. ick.
[@664411,pentacorn] white chocolate is ok to me. btw white chocolate isnt real chocolate but i added it because its chocolate to me
pentacorn · F
[@492526,Haileygamer099] white chocolate is part chocolate. it uses cocoa butter, without any other non-fat part of the the cocoa bean.

the color for milk and dark chocolate comes from the non-fat parts/solids of the cocoa bean. that's where [i]most[/i] of the flavor is, although it's the fat that makes both kinds decadent.

i just don't like sweetened cocoa fat. i like the whole bean involved. especially dark chocolate/chocolate without milk.
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
Haigh's milk chocolates
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[@578706,Ineedthatspark] that doesnt count. has to be one or the orher
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