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Most castle sieges back in medieval times were far less eventful than what's commonly depicted in the media

The popular idea of castle sieges involves the attacking force sending waves of troops to storm the castle walls while the defenders fight valiantly against overwhelming odds. Yes, these types of sieges did take place back then, but in real-life, most castle sieges were way less exciting. It typically involved a siege party lying in wait outside of a keep to trap its occupants inside and basically starve them out until they surrender — a process that would take days, weeks, even months. Actually storming the castle and taking it by force would only ever be done as a last-ditch effort or when there was an overwhelmingly superior numerical advantage. I praise titles like [i]Game of Thrones[/i] and [i]Kingdom Come: Deliverance[/i] for being the only medieval-themed show and video game, respectively, I know of that actually depict realistic castle sieges. No, it's not nearly as fun or epic as having a huge battle scene, but at least it's true to what would actually take place most of the time.

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