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Sometimes I wonder…should I share her?

exexec · 61-69, C
Ask her how feels about it, which probably gets the question from her, "Why? Do you have a lover on the side?" (or similar query). If she reacts positively, then give her permission but don't push it. It is up to her to decide what she does,
dominateofyou · 61-69, M
@exexec I agree with you there.
DaveE54 · 51-55, MVIP
Does she want to be shared? If so then as long as you are confident in your relationship let her enjoy herself
thisguy20 · 41-45, M
If the thought entered your mind, then the answer must be YES
Quimliqer · 61-69, M
It would be her choice to accept or reject..
Snuffy1957 · 61-69, M
Sharing is caring👅
Highskirt · 56-60, M
I would love to share her
DanoLite01 · 51-55
Yes with me!
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
Sexy as hell!
JollyRoger · 70-79, M
I've read the comments: Have you decided? Did you ask her? Her shoes and outfit tell me that she's flirting with the idea herself.
bgjb58 · M
Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight to watch???
bopce1 · 41-45, C
I vote for yes
DDonde · 31-35, M
deadgerbil · 22-25
@DDonde best answer
DDonde · 31-35, M
@deadgerbil Where did everybody go???
@DDonde mine got removed 😔
goodlil666 · 51-55, M
That would be a mutual decision after much discussion of all the ramifications of it.
edtur61 · 61-69, M
If she’s ok with it do it it was great when we did it.
miklyn86 · 36-40, M
Most definitely...and with ME !!!!
Myself11 · 61-69, M
I always say if you got it flaunt it 😉
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Do you have anyone in mind?
miklyn86 · 36-40, M
There's no doubt in my mind....DO IT!!!
Orca4950 · 70-79, M
That would be her decision
She is quite sexy.
Thereyouare · 56-60, M
Most definitely
Lostlostlost · 51-55, M
Only if she wants you too
Would you like to watch?
likesnatural · 70-79, M
Outdoorfreedom · 56-60, M
Nice outfit
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enjoyingitnow · 61-69, M
What are you thinking the other times?
samanthaX · 41-45, T
She has a beautiful body with a gorgeous arse ❤️

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