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Yo, I make a hot man

And yes I'm on the toilet, deal with it
leelohF Best Comment
You look like a fuckboy 馃槀
pride4931-35, M
@leeloh I know right? Need me a man like that

Just zoomed into the shower glass to make sure there's no ass crack reflection. We're good to go. Continue
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
Harmonium192351-55, M
@NickiHijab LMA(crack)O!
ginnyfromtheblock26-30, F
Elessar26-30, M
Guys aren't my thing but if they were 9/10 would bang
deadteddy26-30, F
I love that his nose is pierced. Such a cool guy
@deadteddy That's my actual piercing lol
Funny @NickiHijab, I always pictured you with longer hair!
Degbeme70-79, M
Well at least there are spare rolls of TP. 馃槵
Prince of Persia haha
@PiecingBabyFaceTogether Prince Aliii, fabulous hee, Ali ababwaa
It's cus you're hot lol
Straylight31-35, F
Got that smolder. 馃憣
Gangstress41-45, F
Id bang him
@Gangstress me too girl, me too
Beardedguy31-35, M
Haha very good
Literally love how I knew this was you even without looking at the username

Dem eyes
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
It tries to make everyone hot, youre not that white last time I saw 馃槸
Adamski2441-45, M
@MartinTheFirst I'm so attracted to you right now
@MartinTheFirst ooo she pretty
MartinTheFirst22-25, M
@NickiHijab girl i knoooo 馃憚馃拝

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