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I love Argyle socks

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I love wearing socks too
I like removing socks only
I hate socks with a passion
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Being a very odd person I like odd things. One of those I would describe my utter fondness for Argyle socks. I love those socks and only a few people have ever seen me wearing them because they're basically always underneath my blue jeans. Oh yes, I'm that odd a person, and I don't mean ODD. That's just being uncooperative, defiant, and hostile toward peers, parents, teachers, and other authority figures. Oh gosh, that could be me too!

SunshineGirl36-40, F
Matching socks! I could use these when I am out hiking and I quite like the design. But most other times I prefer to remain sockless 馃檪
SunshineGirl36-40, F
@val70 I love it, try to walk at least 6 miles a day. My walking boots (with two pairs of socks) are my favourite footwear. When I'm not out in the countryside I'm usually barefoot.
@SunshineGirl Keep it going there. I've lacked but do need the exercise now. I'd not be able to keep up with you
SunshineGirl36-40, F
@val70 I walk fast when on my own, but I love company when walking and I can easily adjust my pace 馃檪
We never had those kind of socks. Nowadays socks are just too short. Also the longest sock I ever bought were knee length socks but never used it. Usually football player were those socks. 馃檪
Very cute socks! I love knee highs in particular. :)
Max4126-30, M
That is a common design but very long socks it .

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