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No surprises there !

The socialists use words like [b][i]insurrection [/i][/b] and [b][i]Sedition [/i][/b] like they used the race card .Now that too is nothing but a pack of lies .
Don鈥檛 know if true.
But 馃嵖

FreeSpirit151-55, F
That was the friendliest " insurrection" ever.
Nothing about it added up, especially the way they said the videos couldn't be released for privacy and safety sake...... Bullshit.
@FreeSpirit1 And they were kind enough to wait until all the media was there to record it before acting...and no guns. The only gun incident was a capital police officer that killed an unarmed active military woman who was just standing there inside the Rotunda. And the Biden gang grabbed him up and has hidden him away.
FreeSpirit151-55, F
@TexChik something is fishy for sure.
@FreeSpirit1 oh completely rotten
Thinkerbell41-45, F

By the honest FBI and Capitol Police...? 馃槻

Say it ain't so, Tex !
@Thinkerbell very much so
McCarthy is an idiot. He claims he will eventually make the thousands of hours of video more widely available, 鈥渁s soon as possible.鈥 But meanwhile, Carlson has the exclusive, and to what end?

Does McCarthy hope Fox News can rewrite the history of the insurrection, at least in the minds of enough voters to help his party in future elections?

Does he think Fox News can massage the footage 鈥 before it makes it to other outlets 鈥 and craft an alternative theory of the attack, perhaps blaming, despite reams of evidence to the contrary, that it was the work of antifa or some other code-for-Democrats group?

How else can you interpret McCarthy鈥檚 actions? If you want the true story of Jan. 6, look no further than the exhaustive and[b] bipartisan [/b]report the House select committee produced. We don鈥檛 need Carlson to tell us what happened on Jan. 6.
@SW-User That you're a lib? 馃し鈥嶁檧锔 Duh!
@TexChik I am a lib :) I can think. I'm not a brainwashed, brain-dead Trump cultist.
MarineBob56-60, M
McCarthy should sell dvds of it and all money raised used to pay down covid debt
No surprise. Time to put a beat down on those responsible.
Magnolia2118-21, F
I really don't care for politics, and while I'm not a trump fan, a lot of democrats went a little too overboard pinning stuff to him.
@Magnolia21 In other words, they lied their tails off. And still are. That's not politics, that's corruption.
Magnolia2118-21, F
@TexChik I still remember the typo incident. As though everyone dumping on him had never had a spelling error in their life.
@Magnolia21 desperation. He was cutting off their flow of money
you would have to watch something besides CNN . Libs would never do that
So where is this footage that we're supposed to WATCH..?
daydeeo61-69, M
@SW-User Tucker Carlson is showing it tonight. You should watch.
vetguy199151-55, M

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