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What are you doing to create amazing core memories or traditions for your children?

Be as brief or as detailed as you like!
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
My mother does a great job in teaching our Polish heritage to my adopted daughter and passing on knowledge about cooking and observances at Christmas, Easter, etc.

I create new traditions and habits with my girl. Swimming in the sea on Sunday morning, no matter what the weather. Reading to each other while she is having a bath. Baking together. Playing music and dancing while we are doing housework.
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
@cherryxblossom When we started fostering her at the beginning of last year, her teacher told us that she is a very capable reader, but she needs to concentrate more and read widely to support her other schoolwork. So I got her choose a book. I read one chapter aloud, she reads the next. She loves that and we're getting through the classics! Bathtime is just a good way to chill out and catch up after her usually very active day. She's 13 and doesn't really need supervision, but because of the amount of time she spent in childrens homes she seems to find the routine quite reassuring. Pyjamas and bed after that. She'll sleep 10-11 hours and doesn't have much interest in social media 😊
@SunshineGirl That’s wonderful. What is her favorite genre? I love to hear that she’s found a safe haven with you. I think we’d all be better off doing away with social media 😜
SunshineGirl · 36-40, F
@cherryxblossom We started off with Little Women, which was great, now we seem to have settled into teenage vampire novels which all run into one another 😅 But the human contact is just as important as the reading matter 🙂
iamnikki · 31-35, F
I don't have kids but if I did, I'd have a summer activity or trip for them to look forward to every year

When I was growing up, we never went anywhere.
@iamnikki I can relate. I once cried and cried because I’d never been out of the state 😂 My poor dad and his soft heart just couldn’t bear it. He drove me all the way to the state line…we hung out at a picnic table and I collected leaves 🤣🤣 I was ecstatic!!

We do a family vacation each year and I take them camping! My mom never took me to do stuff either, so I make it a point to do things pretty frequently. When it was just me and my girl, we had weekly adventures. I’m struggling a bit more now that we’ve got another baby, but I’m trying!
iamnikki · 31-35, F
@cherryxblossom love this. Sounds like a good dad. Do you know if he actually drove you to the state line or were you really like 30 minutes from home on a picnic? Lol

That's nice of you.
I've never been camping.
Scared of a stranger coming into my tent at night
I've seen too many scary movies.

I would Glamp though.
I've seen a treehouse camping situation.
It's on my list for like a long weekend or something
Iwillwait · M
We typically travel.
@Iwillwait Some of the best memories are adventures!
Iwillwait · M
Gumba1000 · M
Get them to salute magpies as a standard, then start showing them CGI magpies dressed in Union Jack to gradually make them more patriotic.
@Gumba1000 I’ve actually considered trying to convince the ravens to visit our house more with shiny objects 😂 Maybe I should start doing that with my kids haha
Let them know that they are loved every day.
@SomeMichGuy Through actions ❤️ They always speak louder than words
XForbiddenDesiresX · 26-30, FNew
I was never big about holidays but with my kdis we celebrate every birthday. Every holiday. Every milestone. They meet Santa and Easter bunny and get money from tooth fairies. We go places. Zoo. Nice parks, trampoline parks, arcades. Historic areas, etc. and they always talk about it. Aside from love and normal things. Experiences matter. They get remembered

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