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I’ve lived longer that my father ever got to.

I’m not sure how much longer I will BUT I now realize that every day is a gift.
Repete · 61-69, M
My mom and dad past away before 50 . They never knew their granddaughter . I am thankful I have lived long enough to raise my daughter and for every day .
amelia24 · 22-25, F
Why would anyone downvote this
bookerdana · M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] i don't see a down vote emoji reaction😞
[@335376,bookerdana] It’s next to the other emojis and hearts. If you click on the 14 reactions, you’ll see the downvote.
bookerdana · M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] ok,i see it now,it just looked like the reaction i used on your response.Man this place strains credulity sometimes
I suspect I’m not going to live as long as my parents have. There’s a good chance that I may even pre-decease them. Which would really be okay with me.
[@5627,samueltyler2] We’ll see. I’d rather go cleanly than bit by bit, losing eyesight or body parts.
fernie2 ·
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Growing up I watched my Aunts and other women in my family go that way. The word "gangrene" was spoken daily. They only has insulin to control diabetes and not much information so, they ate bad foods. At least we have knowledge and more meds than insulin. You're aware of all that I'm sure. I really don't think you'll go that way. You'd have to be spiking like crazy all day every day.
[@1181110,fernie2] Perhaps not. I’m doing my best not to go out that way, eating carefully, taking my meds and seeing the doctor regularly.
cd4259 · 61-69, M
Live Long, laugh often, smile and make someone's day.
For none of us truly know how long we are here.
I've lived longer than my mom got to. And I'm grateful for it.
sdave455 · 41-45, M
No question that that’s exactly what you mom would want. [@14748,Zebrawl]
NewBeginnings7790 · 36-40, F
Yeah, this is so very true.
Each day is a chance for a new beginning!!
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
I outlived both parents significantly at that!
Elora · F
Life is precious 🙏🏼 💕
Dan88411 · 31-35, M
Same here.

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