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Another wierd dream

A family, composed of a mother and her daughter, had discovered that the daughter had gift, a talent that no one else had. They found out about this thanks to a medium, but she can only access these powers through the medium. She and the medium would sit down, concentrate and almost meditate together, the medium's job is to guide her to the other side by telling her what to do, almost as if she was being hypnotized by the medium. Until she get to the other side and becomes something else, something that even the medium isn't aware of fully. But ever time she does this she gains habilities among which is being able to tell the future. The process can and has sometimes been difficult, painfull, and sometimes things no one understands, not even the medium herself, happens. Tho this was risky, being able to tell the future helped both her and her mother financially, in a few moths they went from struggling to not only have won the lottery severl times but also owning a company that gwroing fast. The medium warned the mother of the denger of using her daughter's hability like that, saying even she herself doesn't fully understand what going on or why, but to the mother those were just little side effects. One day the company was going through a rough time, the mother being afraid and uncertain of the future, called in the medium for another future-telling sesion. The girl sat down on a chair, and the medium sat right behind her, guiding her as they normally do, this time something seems off, they had to try it over and over again because her daughter was having trouble getting through to the other side. With the medium encouraging her, she kept pushing and soon things start to get out of hand, it began with some screaming, which weren't too unusual, but they gat louder and more frequent, but there was nothing to be done about that, both the mother and medium know that at that stage it wasn't her anymore. Things were getting so intense the medium had to get close and put her hands on the girls head to try and help somehow, but it was too late, between the screams her skin starts to peal off of her body, as if someone was slicing her. She then stood up screaming and ran out of the building, by the time she was out she didn't even look human anymore, her voices had changed, she was a lot taller and several arms came out of her, even on her back and chest. I don't know why or how but some huge gorillas that were there saw her and immediately tackled her, and when she was on the ground they gather together to beat her with rocks until she stopped screaming.
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[@23671,basilfawlty89] My dreams have been wierd lately.
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