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when helpline workers act like this, how do you respond

[c=BF6900][i]there's a helpline i phone at times, here in the uk, and recently when i phone, most of the workers greet my call with long silences with the odd interjection of 'yeah'....'yeah'.

i find this very off putting and annoying too.....but i can't get angry because i don't want to get barred from the service.....but i think it's objectionable the way they're acting with me, almost like they know me personally.

how should i respond to that?[/i][/c]
Most services like that keep a record of what they term "regular callers" quite often most workers will automatically see who you are before the call is even answered. Unfortunately whatever notes are kept on the file will create a bias for each caller as the service will assume they now know who you are and what the calls will be like.
ravenhill · 46-50, M
@MorriganoftheNight i didn't know that, thanks for letting me know, i think i'll call less now as it is becoming a waste of time.
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perceptivei · 36-40, F
As another user responded, they will know who you are by the number calling in and any associated notes. If they think you call in repeatedly about the same issues, they probably don't feel like there is any need to put much effort into the conversation. What do you discuss when calling these help lines?

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