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Have you ever seen the police chasing someone?

I saw something like that shortly after I had turned 16, way back in 2004. Family was eating dinner and a police car races down the street with the lights on, stops and then takes off. Shortly after that we hear "Stop running, motherf****r! Get on the ground!" We look out the window and there is a dude running from the police 馃ぃ. The dude tried to hop a fence but fell and he was caught 馃ぃ. It was like an episode of COPS or something 馃ぃ.
Stereoguy56-60, M
Back when I was 18 to 20 I use to like street racing. The quarter mile drag racing. Friday and Saturday night were the big nights, but there was a town just north of us that also met on Wednesday night's occasionally at a particular McDonald's. One Wednesday I was bored and went up alone. I say in the parking lot for a while listening to the radio. I finally got bored and went in for fries and a Coke. In the way out I have a large soda in my right hand and a large fry in my left hand. All of a sudden I hear tires squealing behind me. I turn around and it's a cop car with lights blazing. The drives and passenger doors fly open and two coos jump out pulling their guns. One hollars there he is. Don't let him get away. I just stood there frozen. They blew past me. One in each side. I turned back around to see what they were doing. About 75' away there was a power transformer and a guy hiding behind it surrounded by cops. One was saying freeze! Don't even breathe! Turns out the guy had robbed the grocery store across the street
yeah, i've seen police chasing people, including myself.

as a teenager, i was crossing a mall parking lot at around 2 am to get to my neighborhood. two undercover cops in a beat up car spotted me at the same time i saw them, and then quickly turned in my direction. i decided to run from what looked to me to be two freaks chasing me. as i entered my neighborhood, they were upon me, so i jumped and grabbed the top of a very high privacy fence and almost had myself hoisted over, but i was grabbed by my clothing and slammed to the ground. by this time, i realized there was a huge spotlight on me, so i knew it was the police. they asked me why i ran from them, lol. i was allowed to stand and explain that they looked like two perverted freaks chasing a teenage girl, and they let me go, but followed me to my house.
Yes! I even saw a dude get tased 馃ぃ I felt bad but the dude didn鈥檛 stop and was running towards a busy street so I was glad they got him down for his own safety lol
yes was at a mall. some people had shoplifted something and police were chasing them.

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