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Happy weekend! What 3 things will you do just for you? Self care is vital. What 3 things will you do for others? Bonus points if for strangers! And on

random insect just to see if you made it this far. Carpe diem, all. I am rockin' it at work.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[center] Without reservation...[/center]
°Just sleep, with someone that wants to.
°Just eat, with someone that wants to.
°Just intertwine, with someone that wants to.

Rather than what I would do, I'll say what have done for strangers recently. You likely know what I have done before, over decades.

°Fed two recently other than below and gave a kid a dollar for the bus home.
° Yesterday, I gave empathy along with napkins. I didn't understand her language even. Some type of Asian language. She was taken care of a very elderly disabled relative I believe. She looked close to my age for asian. She managed to say: "tank que" with the polite Asian head bow.
° A abused lady was asking about women's shelters in the area a week ago. I told her of one that I knew about and went online to see if there was anything else. In addition to that I bought her breakfast. No she didn't ask for it, yet sat in the back of the restaurant.

[center]Dasymutilla aka Wingless wasp, aka Cow-killer.[/center]

Yes, I respect even wasps. It was where it belonged to be. They build their nests in the ground.
@DeWayfarer You and your Dewayfarer answers. Well done!
blackarcher256 · 61-69, M
For Me:
- sleep in (already done and it was glorious!!!)
- laundry, I’m all out of clean underwear
- straighten up my home office (it’s looking like a rats nest, and it’s giving me anxiety)
For Others:
- cooking shrimp etoufee for a dinner with friends
- clearing brush out the drainage ditch behind the neighbors house
- dog sitting for my girlfriend

Tick - because I picked one of my girlfriend’s dog last weekend, and now every time I come in from the yard and feel the slightest itch, I’m obsessively checking for them
@blackarcher256 Thanks. You got to protect your pets and yourself. Ticks serve no good purpose. Possums like to eat them.
blackarcher256 · 61-69, M
@PoetryNEmotion Hmmmm….got any suggestions for attracting possums?
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SageWanderer · 70-79, M
Myself; made reservations for the first camping trip, line up clothes and menu for that trip and enjoy the hockey games.
Others; helped neighbor with her garage sale, donating clothes to Salvation Army and what ever the universe sends me to do for others.
Cooler weather has driven the stink bugs to try and break into the house.
Glad your rocking it at work, dreary day here.
@SageWanderer I always rock work. That is my way. Pouring rain. No puddle jumping. Not wearing boots! Ha. Good answers!
Ferric67 · M
I went to a craft fair and bought myself a green poncho supporting the local Ecuadorian family that handmade it
@Ferric67 I bet you rock a poncho! Do you feel a bit like Clint Eastwood? I watched High Plains Drifter last night at work.
Ferric67 · M
@PoetryNEmotion this poncho has a hood too. I wore it this morning, it was chilly...when I left home this morning it was 41 degrees Fahrenheit
@Ferric67 Oooh, how cool is that? Ve-ry! Wish I could have seen you in it! I slept in. My weekends at work are long. It is currently 16. Rained all night. Have a golden day, Ferric. See ya!
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
I’m not cooking tonight or tomorrow night and I’m not doing any housework on Mother’s Day tomorrow
@Jenny1234 Yessss!
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
1. Buy alcohol
2. Drink alcohol
3. Sleep
@BarbossasHusband And you are happy and healthy? Geez.
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
@PoetryNEmotion Nope 🤣
@BarbossasHusband Then only you can change it.
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