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This is an, "I told you so." At the Climate Summit, China basically thumbed their noses at all Climate Change People." [I Am Sorry For All The Climate Change Devotees]

They are going to add MORE coal based least 33 new ones every year, and they will not even start trying to reduce emissions until 2030. In 2030, they will begin a long slow process of reducing emissions, and they say it is POSSIBLE that they will meet the requested CO2 emissions standards by 2060, but hedged that comment by saying they have so many millions of people it will be very difficult for them. (Cute way of saying, "Not gonna do it.").

I have been saying this for a long time. Yeah. Sure. Let's put OURSELVES in poverty and hunger, so the Chinese can keep on doing what they've been doing all along."
But Greta Thugberg says it’s America’s fault. (China and India get a full pass)
[@1201621,MotherHubbard] Incorrect.

Source BBC
4meAndyou · F
[@604557,stratosranger] Gets her information from Chinese Pravda...😉
[@387713,4meAndyou] Or CNN...Communist Network News
Heartlander · 80-89, M
Look at all the equipment and machinery they'll be able to buy at pennies on the dollar as Biden and pals hobble the fossil fuel industries in the US. I have to imagine that Hunter Biden or his go-fers is in China now brokering those sales.
Peaches · F
Screw China! 😠👎
FurryFace · 61-69, M
they started the industrial revolution later than the western hemisphere so they still wanna make tons of money
4meAndyou · F
[@1155,FurryFace] The United States owes them every bit of the money we have in the national debt.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Did the Democrat's stand and cheer China? 🙂
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@387713,4meAndyou] So they all fell in line with China???
4meAndyou · F
[@78387,Stereoguy] Yes. They have all sold their souls to China.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@387713,4meAndyou] I feel so bad for them. 😞
This actually shocks no one but those who stupidly support the Paris Accord
Stopmakingsense · 56-60, F
Times change. China can't claim to be number one in total emissions so far, the US will be way ahead of them, probably forever. When American people are accountable for past actions, they will have the beginnings of credibility on the subject!
4meAndyou · F
[@573519,Valdaine] Don't waste your time with this person. She is incorrect, and just sticks with the errors...repeats them over and least 3 times on this post alone. Perhaps trying to prove the premise that if you repeat a lie often enough eventually it will come true...(favorite maxim of CNN).
4meAndyou · F
[@573519,Valdaine] Too true.

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