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Is it media hype

Or did Pixar’s Elemental really bomb? If you watched it, how would you rate it? I haven’t seen it but I thought the idea “elements” trying to get along were decent metaphors. Eventually I will watch…but the media loves hating… so I thought I get an actual viewers POV
looping · 18-21, M
yikes i thought that came out years ago. the animation looks sorta bad from what limited amount I've seen
Mindful · 56-60, F
@looping wowzzz ….yep. It’s in movie theaters now. Nothing like the recent Spider-Man release.
looping · 18-21, M
@Mindful that probably overshowed its release. causing practically no hype. happens with video games all the time so i'd imagine it's a similar situation here
RoxClymer · 41-45, M
@looping it looks just like a re-hash of a pixar movie that came out Yrs ago- Inside Out
RedBaron · M
Why don’t you see it and decide for yourself?

Opinions are like a$$holes. Everybody has one.
Mindful · 56-60, F
@RedBaron sooooo, you haven’t seen it either.
RedBaron · M
@Mindful No, and it’s not a priority for me. But media reviews are just opinions, not any more valid than mine or yours. So see it and decide for yourself.
xoxochick · 26-30
It would be a pass for me. It didn’t hook me like their past movies

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