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Do ripped pants count?

I've had that happen to me many times over my life. Just recently my shorts ripped at work but thankfully it was out of sight. My worst was when hiking though. I'd been doing some minor rock climbing just for fun, but as I stretched my legs, my whole crotch ripped. Very big hole and I was quite a walk from my car. I just tried to act casual and hold my shirt down if I met anyone. Anyone have similar experiences?
Jokekilla22-25, M
Not at work but I remember playing basketball and I fell but pretty much landed in a split and my shorts ripped along with my boxer briefs and let鈥檚 just say I felt some wind 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Jokekilla22-25, M
@TexasDude Yes 馃槥
TexasDude31-35, M
@Jokekilla Sorry that happened.

Nice profile pic by the way. Waddles is cool
Jokekilla22-25, M
@TexasDude lmao it鈥檚 all good! It happens

And thanks. Waddles thinks you鈥檙e cool too 馃槈
Yes when young. I remember my uncle accessing the situation and duct taping my pants to temporarily remedy my embarassment.
TexasDude31-35, M
@alongalone That's an effective, if obvious, solution lol

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